My thoughts on scrapbooking…

Happy Sunday folks! I always think the Sunday is a great time for scrapping, especially during football season. Working on a page with the “game” on in the background and the family milling about is just kind of nice. I was putting the finishing touches ona pile of scrapbook pages I made at a crop last month and I was getting ready to photograph them for my blog when I thought “Nah, no one want to see 10 pages of summer camping” well, no one except my family and that is OK. I did photograph one layout to share because I thought someone might find the paper pocket I made useful to stash maps and other ephemera on a page:


I used to approach each scrapbook page like it was a painting, it had to be completely different, artistic and take hours to complete…Did I mention that was back when I had one kid? Now my priority is getting the photos printed and in books. Sure, I like to try new techniques and play with cool crafting product but If I don’t have a perfect embellishment or paper I still scrap it and put it in my album. Why? Because no one who is interested in my pages will care if I used 5-year-old paper and buttons or if I ran out and spent $20 to make the page. They want the photos and the story. I wanted to write this post today for all of the “collectors of scrapbook supplies” out there who think that every page has to be perfect or it is not worth creating. It is worth creating! The products mean nothing it is your special personality that will transform your photos, story and supplies into a meaningful memory. Don’t worry about being perfect, just do it! I was reminded of this when my daughter Maizy asked me if she could make a video after seeing me film a scrapbook page video. I said sure. I think it represents the fun carefree way we should all approach our scrapbooks, like a child, with no judgements just joy, have a look:

I’m so proud of her! And I love how she makes double-sided tape work for everything LOL! thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!