A Fall Collage Craft for Kids! {video Tutorial}

I had a really successful time at the local library last week with this craft. I had a hoard of children all happily tearing and glueing and creating fall masterpieces! This time of year it is hard not to be inspired by the beauty that surrounds us (in Maine anyway!) so why not translate it into a craft? It is perfect for a classroom too! Just remember my rule when working with kids ABP (Always Be Prepared!) that means have all of the supplies laid out and the tissue paper squares cut before you invite them to craft.


You will need: 1 sheet of blue construction paper, 1/4 sheet of brown construction paper, a strip of green paper and scraps of red, yellow and orange. Glue sticks and white glue, a pencil and tissue paper or crepe paper (party streamer) squares. I used leftover gift wrappings and party streamers. If you need to buy tissue paper I recommend getting rolls of green, red, orange and yellow at the dollar store. Watch the video to see how easy it is!

You can use the same techniques for other art as well. I don’t know what is so charming about this craft but it captivated all of the children in the library. Twisting and glueing is almost meditative I think and the results are so pretty! If you try this leave a comment and let me know how it turned out! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

6 Responses

  1. That is fantastic…how delightful to to hear your memory and then to share that-with some many young impressionable minds. The worlds a better place because of teachers like you. I imagine they where all proud of the results.


  2. I love this, I used to do something like this with the crape paper in a flower basket design…when I taught elementary school.


  3. I love this too. It could translate to cards if the paper were small enough. I do the same sort of idea on cards using the little leaves that fall out of border punches.. gluing on one leaf at a time.


  4. I loved this craft and, in a reversal of our normal routine, took it home for my little boy. He was enchanted and wants to make one, now!


  5. Great craft idea Lindsay, love the results too!


  6. Reblogged this on Grandma's Fun Factory and commented:
    The Frugal Crafter is a fun and creative person who has great idea for people of all ages. This activity is great as a fall activity. It can be altered to make it a Thanksgiving activity by writing what they are thankful for on the ‘leaves’.


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