I can breathe!

Happy Sunday folks! I am up way too early today but I was happy to look at the clock at 6:20am and then take a huge breath through my nose! I have been stuffy for the past 2 days. I always get quite put-out whenever I get sick which luckily is not often. I feel that  with my superior vegan diet I should not get sick at all. I don’t suffer in silence either. I whine, complain, lay around on the couch and refuse to take any medicine that might help me decongest because it tastes “icky.” I act very much like a 5 year old…now fetch me my crayons will you?

I like to get craft fair stuff done on Sundays. I feel like I can get a lot done while the football game is on (Go Pats!) I put on Christmas music and craft up a storm. The kids float between the living room TV and my craft room making little crafts to sell as well. There is nothing like selling something you created no matter how old you are! I wanted to share my glass bead packaging for the craft fair. Since they are small and could easily get lost in transit I wanted packaging that would keep them safe, together and nicely displayed:


I slip the carded earrings into clear trading card bags I buy from uline.com. They happen to be FDA food safe too so I can also use the bags to package food items! What a find! I stamped an ATC frame from About art Accents (the set is 50% off right now and you can save an extra 10% with the coupon Lindsay10%) on cardstock and poked holes to attach the earrings and pendant. To get the ombre color gradation on the stamp I used sponge daubers to apply the ink. Easy peasy!

Well, I’m off to walk the dog in the lovely October rain and hope to avoid getting sick again. Nobody wants that ha ha 😛 Til next time happy crafting!

3 thoughts on “I can breathe!

  1. So glad you can breathe through your nose. That does make for a good day!!! (and I’m a whiner too problem is the only ones that hear me are my dogs) More importantly, I just LOVE how you are displaying your jewelry!!! It sets off each set beautifully!! I’d love to see what the kids made also…care to share?


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