How to Make a Birch Bark Frame & Shoe Shopping!

I finally edited the birch bark frame video I promised on Wednesday.


I was hoping to edit that yesterday but I had to run to town for an appointment. I was excited to wear a new sweater dress I just bought but I was surprised when I looked I had no shoes to go with it. I don’t know why I was surprised, I enjoy shoe shopping about as much as going to the dentist. The only thing worse is purse shopping. I left the house in the dress, tights and sneakers…I kid you not, I would have worn flip-flops but it was too cold to be bare-legged! I remembered I had a Kohl’s gift card in my wallet so I off I went in search of shoes that looked good, were comfy and cost less than the $25 on my card, you can stop laughing now.  Good God, I had no idea how much shoes cost! I mean sneakers, sure, I replace them often because I walk everyday but fru-fru, novel, poorly-made shoes, they should not cost $50-$100, I could get a new set of watercolor pencils for that price LOL! Well, anyway I tried on about 20 pairs giving them my “shoe test” which involves skipping up and down the aisles (I don’t want a pair of shoes I can’t skip in) and hopping around in. Basically I looked like a person having a psychotic episode. That might explain why no salespeople ever wait on me. I settled on two pairs of black flats ($5 & $14) and a crazy pair of orange and purple platform wedges.  The flats were normally $50 each and the heels were marked at $80 (do women really pay this much for shoes?) but I spent $12 plus my $25 gift card. Well done, me.


I know the orange heels seem a bit silly but I have an abnormal amout of bright orange sundresses and really, can’t we all use a bit more whimsy in our lives? I just hope the shoes don’t land me in traction. OK I know you are not here to read about my shopping escapades, I just wanted you to know why the video was late. Here is my tutorial on making a birch bark frame:

Easy huh? remember to collect bark of the ground or take it from a fallen tree, do not remove bark from a  standing living tree. I hope you enjoyed the video (and my shoe rant) and til next time happy crafting!