Fun With Friendly Plastic & The Emperor has no Clothes

Happy Sunday folks! I hope you are having a good weekend. I went to a psychic party last night…more on that later…but first I want to share a set of Friendly Plastic jewelry I made this week. Friendly plastic looks like shiny bar of Jolly Rancher candy (remember those, 10 cents a piece at the candy counter) you can melt them in a skillet of hot water or with a heat gun and mold them. I cut slivers of the plastic, lined them up on my silicone mat and heated them with my heat gun. I used leaf cutters to cut the earring shapes and added wire, which I had hammered flat, so I could hang them. I reheated the pendent with the wire so it is embedded in the back, no chance of it coming loose.  Then I used beads and findings to turn the FP creations into jewelry, I will put it in the craft fair and hope for the best:)

FYI friendly plastic is pretty inexpensive, about $1-1.50 a bar. My sister has a craft shop and gave me a bag full of broken pieces she could not sell, they get brittle as they get older so if you are buying FP give it a little bend, it should flex, not snap, if it snaps it is old. You can still use it but it is harder to cut because it wants to shatter. If it is old FP ask the shopkeeper for a good deal on it as it has likely been there for years.

Warning, if you believe in psychics and want to continue to do so, you might want to stop reading now.

Still reading? OK then. On to the events of last night. I went to the party with an open mind (I’m like “Moulder” I want to believe) and I did not want to offend or poop on their party but I am quite naturally skeptical. What I didn’t expect was a room full of highly educated women to be completely taken in by this “mystic”. One woman was very uncomfortable and wanted no part of it and I wanted to say “You know this isn’t real right?” I held my tongue and kept my wine glass filled.  I opted for the $20 group reading because I thought it would be a hoot, I was curious if the “psychic” would have picked up any observations of me during the evening that might influence her reading. When she came to me she didn’t have a clue…I even wore my wedding ring although I considered removing it for the night to see if she might come to the conclusion that I was married on her own. Here is how it went:

Psychic: Are you a nurse?

Me: Nope.

Psychic: Do you have any children?

Me: You tell me.

Psychic: It doesn’t work that way…I see a baby (she smiles as if that is news any young woman wearing a wedding ring would want to hear)

Me: Well then, I would have some explaining to do since my husband is ‘fixed’.

Psychic: ah, maybe an adoption then? Or a child in need spending a lot of time at your house?

Me: Good grief.

Psychic: Your husband…he is not happy at work?

Me: He has a great job. He is happy, he has been there 20 years.

Psychic: Are you sure about that? I see a change…maybe moving to a smaller company where he is more appreciated…(more mumbo jumbo and then she moved on to my “job”) ..and for you I see you going to school…

Me: Really? going to school for what?

Psychic: I sense you are not happy with what you are doing now…your boss doesn’t appreciate you..

Me: I’m self-employed.

…and so on and so forth…

And I behaved! I did not roll my eyes or smile sardonically as she “read” the other women in the group but I have to say I felt like the little boy in the book TheEmperor’s New Clothes. I was the least educated women in the room (mostly nurses-the psychic took a good guess) and yet I could see. I must say that I am a tad bit disappointed, I wanted to be disproved. Yes, the psychic had a gift, she made a roomful of highly educated women part with their money in hopes of guidance from a spiritual plane.  I’ll take a fortune cookie any day.

Maybe I will go back to school, I hear there is a lot of money to be made in flim-flamery. Something tells me that I won’t be invited to the next party…that’s not me being psychic…or is it?

Til next time happy crafting:)