Don’t Burn Your Hands Off! {Microwave Kiln Tutorial}

Happy Friday folks! Wow, this week flew by! I have been wanting to share some of the fused beads I started making last weekend with my Microwave kiln but I was debating whether or not I wanted to do a video tutorial to go with it. All it took was one viewer asking me to and I got to work:


This craft is NOT for kids. The glass is hot and if you aren’t careful you can burn your hands off…well, maybe not off…still, why chance it? This video will take you though the process of using the kiln, cutting glass, assembling the bead and fusing it. All with the flawless video production you have come to expect…ha ha ha, I can’t even type that with a straight face! 😀  Everything is live to tape so you can see the kiln in action…also “live” means that anything can happen (and usually does) in my videos, that said, enjoy.

Details: I have a Fuseworks Microwave kiln, I just saw the one I have for $67 on Amazon with free shipping. I’m not sure if it comes with glass or not but mine came with a few sheets of kiln paper and some glass to practice with. I recommend buying a large sheet of thin smooth shelf liner paper from the stained glass store as well as scrap glass which is about $2 a pound, way cheaper than the Fuseworks stuff and it works just fine, in fact it is what I used in the video. Below are the beads I made. About an hour after the video went live last night someone offered to buy them, woot! Now that’s a feather in my cap!


That’s it for a today, I hope you have a lovely weekend, tomorrow I have plans to go roller skating and see a psychic…not that I believe in that (I think it is hogwash) but it should make for an amusing evening…especailly if there is wine involved:) I’ll let you know how it goes. I got a fortune cookie last night that said “You will receive a great honor” and frankly I give more credence to the cookie. Til next time happy crafting!

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