Bottlecaps, Steampunk, Sherlock & Sushi…

…One of these things is not like the other, c’mon can you guess which one? Woah, I’m having a Sesame Street flashback! (weird… especially since I referenced Fraggle Rock in my video on tuesday…I’m having a Jim Henson moment, if Muppets make it into my next post I’m going to be worried!) I’m feeling a bit chatty today, my apologies. As you know I have been on a tear creating stuff for my upcoming craft fair, I was inspired to make these bottle cap brooches with a steampunk flair after catching the BBC series Sherlock on Netflix the other day:


I decided to pin the brooches to ATCs (Artist trading cards) on which I had stamped a large Ferris wheel inspired by the panorama of London in the Sherlock opening sequence. I have to say, the show is brilliant! I was unfamiliar with the stories of Sherlock Holmes, honestly I did not think I could make it through Victorian British literature but after watching the first 5 episodes I downloaded some Sherlock Holmes books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and attempted to read them (TV that makes you read…yeah, that’s good TV!) and I loved the story, I didn’t know where to start and I ended up reading the one about Irene Adler  called A Scandal in Bohemia  and it was interesting to see how they updated it  in the episode A Scandal in Belgravia which by the way was my favorite. Then I started a reading Study in Scarlet which was the inspiration for the first episode of the Sherlock series A Study in Pink.  It has been modernized, Sherlock has a website: the Science of Deduction and Watson has a blog that generates most of their detective work (I’m not too far into the books but I do believe Dr. Watson recorded the cases of Holmes.) Sherlock often is texted (not wired) by his brother Mycroft and he has a nicotine addiction rather than a cocaine habit but all in all it seems to keep true to the stories.  Did I mention it’s a lot of fun? Sherlock Holmes is played by Benedict Cumberbatch and Dr. Watson is played by Martin Freeman. They couldn’t have picked more talented actors:


I really don’t want to say anymore and spoil anything for you, I do recommend you give it a watch though, it is amazing! Well, how’s that for a tangent? Anyway back to the bottle caps…. oh and the matching pair of earrings…


Would you like to know how to flatten one? It is quite easy, all you need is a rubber mallet and a hard surface. You can also use the flattened caps as picture frames in scrapbooks, they are pretty smooth when flattened so I don’t think they would damage your books and they should mail fine on a card too. You do need to get uncirculated bottle caps for this, the ones off a bottle will not flatten right:

BTW, if you want to flatten them quietly you can squish them in your die-cutter between 2 OLD plates, they will gouge up your cutting plates so be sure to use an old pair.

Oh and sushi, I forgot I mentioned that in the title!  Here is a frugal fashion tip…well…maybe just an amusing blurb…I went out for Sushi (and before you ask what a vegetarian knows about “sushi” let me tell you that ‘sushi’ refers to the rice, not the fish) the other day with my friend Kathy and on my plate was a beautiful Orchid so I stuck it in my hair and snapped a photo…yes, it is still a bit fraggle like 🙂


…nice roots huh? You know, back to Sherlock, in several episodes they are eating an a vegetarian restaraunt…I wonder if the characters are vegetarians…It might be hard to eat meat when you are visiting the morgue on a daily basis dontcha think? Well, this is probably the longest post I have EVER written, I just had to share my new finds, both Sherlock Holmes BBC series and the books which should keep me occupied for quite a while…who knows maybe after that I’ll tackle Jane Austin…nah, don’t count on it 🙂 Till next time happy crafting!