WOYWW & Fun with Epoxy!

Howdy crafters! It is still Tuesday night here but in Jolly Old England it is Wednesday and that means it’s time for What’s on your work desk Wednesday! I was sent a tube of 5 minute Epoxy from the Gorilla Glue company and I had a ball all weekend using it to make pendants that will be turned into pins and necklaces at the craft fair I will be doing in December:


I had always been a little intimidated to try two-part epoxy but it is really easy to use, sets up fast and is super-duper strong when it is cured, you can even use it for resin charms but it is best as a glue because it is really thick. Here is a video to show you how I used it…be warned, I’m even more giddy than usual {but that might just be the glue fumes LOL!}

Here is a peek over at my other work surface, recently cleaned. I had been cutting a lot of glass over the weekend so I needed to wipe down the counter and vacuum all of the glass dust and shards:


Don’t you dig this awesome caddy?  The local hospital gift shop closed and my friend Glenna (she’s a nurse) snagged 2 of these awesome displays for me to use in my craft fair booth of for studio storage! Thank you sweetie!


Currently my gelatos are in there along with a few odd completed projects that I will share one I get them packaged up all pretty 🙂 Well, this is a bit long-winded for me (I’m a faster talker than typer) so I will wrap it up and direct you to The Stamping Ground if you want to have a peek at other great crafty desks…maybe next week you will join us, eh? Till next time happy crafting!