Craft a cute post office playset {for kids!}

It looks like we have a rainy weekend in store for us in New England, I’m glad I have this new project for my kids to play with. I don’t pay for chipboard anymore. I have found that I can simply use the stuff in my recycling bin, namely cereal boxes and they cut great in my electronic die cutter! I used the SVG file from my 3D Mailbox template to make the box and new postal stamps from Pink Persimmon to make stamps and envelopes and other goodies for this play set for kids:


Are you ready to get started? Here is a video to show you how it’s done! I’ll even show you how to make your own lick and stick envelope glue,”air mail” bakers twine and custom envelopes!

I did not share how I assembled the mailbox (I used hot glue) but I have a video on this post that will show you how.

Envelope Glue Recipe:

2tbs white glue (not washable)

1tbs white vinegar

2 drops flavored oil such as peppermint

Mix the above ingredients in a jar and brush on envelope flaps or back of paper to make stickers or stamps and let dry before using.


I hope you enjoyed this project! Here is a look at the brand new Pink Persimmon Stamps I used:




Here is the 3D Mailbox template from Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff:

 3-D Mailbox Template

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

7 Responses

  1. This is SO cute! Another fab idea.


  2. Three tutorials in one week! It’s like Christmas. Love the new tutorial. I can’t wait to spoil my friends kids with this project. I loved playing post office too.

    Love how you made the envie. I always make it so difficult, like it’s an Einstein project or something, lol. Postage stamps are not 25 cents any more, ROFL! PinkPersimmion needs to make a billion dollar stamp for our post office postage. 🙂

    Love the bottle idea for your envie glue. I make envie glue and stick it in a jar. I like your pump bottle idea better.

    Your striped string too much time on your hands comments made me laugh so hard. I love having time on my hands to make striped string too.


  3. will any other white glue work…like scotch quick dry or arleens tacky glue…since these are the glues i have on hand??? just wondering no little ones around here ….but I do make my own envelopes and I know I will run out of my “lick & stick” remoistenable envelope glue soon.
    luv that you do take the time to create for your children (more people need to do that)..and you share your creativity with us…


    • Aleens tacky should work fine, it is PVA glue like Elmers glue all, just thicker, you can add a tiny bit of water if it seems to thick


  4. You’ve done it again!!!! Really cute idea Lindsay!


  5. Fab ideas here, I am just loving your blog.


  6. This is a totally fun kit idea. Love, love, love your inspired use of scrapbook paper you didn’t like the look of. Okay, okay, I could go on and on about this fabulous set and what I love about it. You have tools I’ve never seen before and will have to investigate….that thing that punched the perforated holes for the stamps especially.



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