Get your SHINE on!

Sometimes there is nothing better than glitter…am I right!?! I had seen some lovely cards around the blogosphere with what looked like stamping done on a sheet of glitter. When I was tidying up my cardstock stash the other day I came across 3 packages of Score Tape sheets hiding under a pack of cream cardstock! I grabbed some cardstock, a stamp and some markers and started experimenting and came up with this:


I tried this a few different ways but the result I liked best was when I stamped on the cardstock, then placed a sheet of adhesive on top, sprinkled with glitter (and rubbed it down good with a bone folder) then colored it with Sharpie markers. Here is a video to see how it’s done:

Here are some close-ups of the glittery goodness:


I’ll have another video for you tomorrow (am I on a roll or what!) Til then happy crafting!

13 thoughts on “Get your SHINE on!

  1. It IS like Christmas! I’ve never tried coloring over glitter. I’m going to run a stamped image thru my xyron sticker maker and color on that.

    Thanks for the glittery fun!


  2. Oh, that is so cool! I looooove glitter. 🙂 I love Dollar Bins too. I love how you sponged the edges. Just gorgeous! I am so jealous your Memento is a dark black. I remember you told me you keep your Memento reinked and juicy. I am not getting the same results. I am wondering if it’s weather conditions. My Memento is a light black like I am doing a pencil drawing. I have tried two Memento pads.

    I would have still watched if it took you ten minutes to get the back off the washi tape, ROFL!

    Loved your nails.


    1. Hi DeeAnn, I store my inkpad upside down when I am not using it. I don’t need to reink that often and I use it every day. It is quite humid in Maine, esp in the basement where I work. You might try a mix of 5 drops of distilled water and 1 drop glycern, appy it to the pad and let it sit rightside up overnight, then lip it upside down for a day and use it again. It could be dried out, not used up…if you have ink refresher you can use it instead of the water/glycern. Good luck! and thanks for watching!


      1. Thank you so much for the tips on the Memento ink. I live in all the famed Ozark humidity. I don’t think humidity is drying it out, lol. I have the ink pad stored upside down. Have the reinker for it. I am going to try the distilled water glycerin mix and see what that does. I think it will work. That tip was brilliant. I never used glycerin on my Memento ink pad because I worried it would effect Copic coloring. I use it on all my other ink pads, go figure huh? 🙂 I know a few of us girls over at SCS keep complaining we don’t like the Memento inks because they are so faded looking. Crossing fingers glycerin will work. Thanks again.


    1. Yes, I have a video on how to assemble it:) the template is available at my shop. I will be posting project with the 3D mailbox today with links:)


  3. Been enjoying your videos today. Mom had cataract surgery this morning so she asked me to come “hold her hand,” as she put it and let me use her computer. I’ve been in technique heaven! Now just to figure out how to bring those videos home with me. Still haven’t figured out how to do that. Why don’t you make a CD of all your videos for me?


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