I’m a Chalk Chick & WOYWW!

Boy, I love Wednesdays because I get to snoop around to other crafters desks and not feel one bit self conscious of my housekeeping skills! 😀 Yes, it is time for my weekly “Craft Hoarding Enablers Group” AKA What’s on your Workdesk Wednesday! Last week I was taken aback by some beautiful PanPastel work done by Jackie at Scrap Bang Wallop (love that name!) and I wanted desperately to get that look…the problem being that I do not have Pan Pastels. They are expensive and they look absolutely brilliant but alas, the do not reside in my stash. No worries, I have regular pastel chalks though so I decided to try to get a similar look with them:

The trouble I was having with my cheap student grade pastels (SMI brand I paid $15 for a box of 48) was that they would not stick to my smooth cardstock (well, duh, I always use pastels on rough paper) so I had to use fixative (OK ,I used hairspray 🙂 ) but the color was still not bold enough. I reckon the pan pastels are just super saturated and they would color anything but I never tried them. So I decided to play around with a damp sponge and it worked! Check out my video to see the technique…I’ll warn you, I’m a little more giddy than usual in this video!

Was that fun or was it just me? You can also stamp with clear embossing ink and use a dry sponge or pom-pom to apply chalk over the stamped image and it will stick to the stamping, that technique is called poppin pastels. Also you can stamp an image and pick up color with a water based blender pen and use that to pick up chalk and paint with it. Chalks are awesome! Here is a look at the chalk backgrounds I made:


Thanks for stopping by and if you want to see what other crafters are up to check out WOYWW! Til next time happy crafting!

22 thoughts on “I’m a Chalk Chick & WOYWW!

    1. the clearence bin at walmart LOL! REally, all of the pink ones are Delta home decor stencils and I paid 25-99 cents a peice. I always greab clearenced stencils, especailly backgrounds, when I see them cheap! Look in the wood and wallpaper sections of craft stores for larger (and cheaper!) stencils. When you get them in the scrapbook aisly prepare to pay double! I also make my own out of overhead transparencies and I save any packaging that has interesting cutouts also I save my waste apper when I die cut, I oten have interesting cutouts! Keep checking the clearence bins girl!


  1. I DID watch the whole thing and I DO love your witty captions. That looks like fun. Thanks for sharig and caring!

    Peace & blessings,


  2. That was fun…and giddy is good. I do have some Pro Art and Gallery oil pastels I’ve picked up at a thrift store…I liked the wooden box. Would they work I wonder, I’ll try after I play with the 12 chalk pastels that I found too! Thanks for the reminding me about pastels and learning a new way to use them.


  3. Love your backgrounds! I have just started collecting the PanPastels..they are super but it takes time to collect the hues and tints…the less expensive ones give you more choices. video next! WOYWW 118


  4. Oooh, looking very cool, I must say. Wish I knew where the heck I put my chalk pastels. I can always find the oil ones but they are not so much fun as I can never get them to blens like I like 🙂

    MA (50)


  5. See there are more than two of us watching. I love your videos and your captions. It is refreshing to see someone who does not take themselves too seriously! Hugs, Ketena


  6. As one of your two viewers your very welcome, ROFL! You crack me up. That was a funny caption. The large clothespin also cracked me up. First frame of your video. 🙂 Yeah, the furnace came on! 🙂 I would find that furnace comforting. I always love too hear my heat come on. I don’t like the bills. 🙂 I loved the backgrounds you did. I especially love the background with the bird cages.

    Addicted to my pastels but never tried them with water. Can’t wait to try this technique. I use student grade too because I want to live. 🙂


  7. And here I thought I was 1 of the 2 who watched to the end!!! I so totally love your videos… I realized I don’t let you know how much I enjoy them. So, here ya’go. Your are the greatest!!! You are always good for a laugh and many, many tricks… I just love your creativity. Thanks so much for doing the thinking for me. All I have to do is do what you do… THANKS!!!


  8. I like your witty comments too and enjoy your videos to the end. Now reading through the comments, I find that you probably have more than 19 viewers LOL not just 2. Have a great crafting week.

    Eliza 125


  9. Hi Lindsay, you are so smart!! I was using my three pan pastels and was having trouble getting them to stick, so I started using my acrylics and at the same time I was eyeing my regular pastels wishing I could use them instead — thanks to you now I know the big secret!!! I love watching your videos, especially when you are giddy – must be the coffee? haa haa.

    Thaks for another brilliant idea!!


    Carmen L

    PS. I just got back from vacation and found the gorgeous stamps you sent me in the stack of mail that was delivered.


  10. They turned out beautiful! I’m wondering if your chalks are water based? but definately will not be oil based ? Oil is easier to find, but a whole different thing. Thanks! (sorry catching up on missed emails) lol


    1. they are soft chalks and you can mix them with water. Try the Sargent, faber castel or SMI brand as they are inexpensive and work well! You can get them at a big craft store, art supply store or online. I like Blick art materials, cheap joes or asw express for online art supplies:)


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