Look What I Made with a Slim Jim Box!

No box is safe around here, LOL! When my kids finished up the box of Slim Jims (Yes, I know, not healthy) my son asked me if I wanted the box. I did! And here is what I made with it:


A party favor dispenser! I used YES! paste to adhere this lovely American Crafts paper (It is a couple of years old from the “Dear Lizzy” line) to the box. It was really easy. I did not cover the inside of the box or the little tabs that you can see when the door is open and I think it looks just fine. I stamped “party favors” using the Soda Pop large alpha from Pink Persimmon and the die cut mat is a leftover cutout window from mt Royal Whimsy SVG set.


Believe it or not I try to have a healthy household, that’s why for my daughters’ birthday I wanted to give out a party favor that was not candy OR cheap plastic toys that would fall apart before the kids even got them home. I found a box of foil wrapped packets containing a small coloring book, box of crayons and stickers. Eureka! The perfect party favor and it fits in my altered slim jim box!


This project took about 15 minutes and I can use it over and over again. I like to make party stuff that I can build on and use again year after year and this box is not too young-looking. One note, you might want to cover the box so you can fill it from the top. I did not think of that until I was done and I had to fill it from the bottom. This would be great done in more neutral colors and could be used to dispense packs of trading/baseball cards! Have a great Sunday and til next time happy crafting!


6 Responses

  1. What a great idea! That’s really cool and I love the favors!


  2. I use all sorts of boxes from the kitchen too. I have a stack, waiting to be altered. My sweetie does the grocery shopping. So I don’t often get into the store. I haven’t seen one of these. TFS Hugs, Jess


  3. That’s so fun and colorful. Splendid idea…I love re-use/recycle ideas. I think that’s why I save some of the strangest little items, Beside soda tabs I have a tray of lids or caps, corks or chains and strings and things.


  4. Cute idea, love how it looks. My mother would take apart a cream cheese box and glue wrapping paper on it to use as gift boxes for her chocolates and cream cheese mint candies.


  5. I would absolutely love to have a box of Slim Jims. One of the many treats I miss from home. Nice job on the box, also, lol !


  6. Hey, last week JoAnn’s had 50percent off coupons. I had seen your entry about the Stamping gear and thought it was pretty cool. Iwas spending the weekend with my Mom (we are crafting buddies!) and thought we would try to make one. Well, we ran out of time. I ended up at JoAnn’s later the next week. And guess what new product had center stage? Right ! So I bought the Deluxe kit and have been playing with it every day since! What a cool tool! Even my husband and daughter were impressed!


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