WOYWW & Gelatoes VS Gel Sticks

Howdy folks! I have no project to share with you today. BUT, since it is What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday here is a shot of my desk:


I have a lot of things started. I went to a crop Friday and scrapped 8 layouts! I might need an embellishment or two on some and I want to photograph them before I put them in my album so there they sit. I have some stamped backgrounds I have been making ready for future cards and I have my Gel Sticks AND Gelatos out. After the tutorial I did on Faber Castell Gel Sticks/Gelatos 2 weeks ago Faber Castell sent me some real Gelatos (look at me with “big girl” supplies) and I decided to try them out next to the less expensive Gel Sticks they also manufacture. They say they are formulated differently, well, they are both lovely products but YOU be the judge. Here in this video I will bust these Gelatos out of the package and try them out side by side with the Gel sticks:

Interesting…Please remember that I am not a chemist or scientist and I have no knowledge of the chemical make-up of either product (although they assure me that both the Gel Sticks and Gelatos are non-toxic) I am judging them on their feel, performance, look and working characteristics.

***Edited to add that I spoke with a lady from Faber Castell and she said that they worked with chemists to improve the gelatos (that were inspired by the kids Gel Sticks) so that they would not fade over time. Also they chose the colors in the gelato line to reflect current color trends. I will add lightfast info as it becomes available.***

Pros to the Gelatos are: More colors: 22 regular shades and 6 metallic. The 4 pack ($10) comes with a brush and clear stamp. (I have more brushes than Carter has pills so it is not a biggie for me-I’m even worse in the stamp department LOL!) I also like how they list the color name on the cap. They are sold in packs color families to coordinate with the other products in the Design Memory Craft line marketed to papercrafters to take the guesswork out of matching.

Cons to the Gelatos: Price. The 2 packs are $3.99, 4 packs (with brush and stamp)are $9.99 and the full 28 pack is $59.95

Pros to the Gel Sticks: They seem every bit as good as the Gelatos. The coverage is great, they are smooth and creamy and they blend well. You can’t beat the price at about $1 each! I bought the 12 pack of regular colors on Amazon for $11 and the 6 metallic for $7. You can get them for less if your local Joanns has them and you use a coupon too!

Cons to the Gel Sticks: Color range. There is only 18 colors and they are not labeled on the tube.

Thanks to Faber Castell for sending me the samples to review. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

31 thoughts on “WOYWW & Gelatoes VS Gel Sticks

  1. After I saw the gel stick video, I purchased from Amazon. After this video, I am not sorry. The only tricky thing with ordering from Amazon is the picture on the large package of gel sticks has a really strange picture so you are not sure what you are buying. You must read the description. Thanks for showing us both products, Lindsey.


  2. Wish I could label the stuff on my desk too! How much fun you are having with those gelatos! I don’t think they are available here! Patsy


  3. I bought the gel sticks on amazon for about 10$ and I really don’t know the difference. I had the gelatos before but really not having the color name isnt a buggy. The plastic is the color. I wonder what the difference is. Doesn’t seem like much. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Well, I love my Gelatos, so I didn’t watch the video, but lucky you for getting them from Farber Castell that way, that’s something I would love to have happen to me..::sigh::..anyhoo… waving hi from the hills of North Carolina 🙂


  5. Lots of lovely crafty goodies on your desk Lindsay and as for Gelatos, never seen them and never tried them so thanks for the review, very useful.
    Happy WOYWW and have a creative end to the week.
    hugs {brenda} xox #98


  6. Thanks so much for the tutorial on the gel sticks and the review and comparison between the gelatos and gels. VERY interesting and something we should consider about any product I guess! I looked up on Amazon UK and was delighted to see they have the gel sticks for he equivalent of $14 but they wanted to charge $44 shipping!!!!!!!! I don’t think I shall be buying them!!!!!


  7. I have been using those gelatos for a while now and really like them from Faber Castell….on my blog you can see a step by step guide when i did a layout using them to colour lace and canvas, i also like there big stamper pen….The Rubber Cafe sells them and has cheap P+P if anyone is after some
    Jackie 30


  8. Great video Lindsay. I am sticking with Gel Sticks. I thought the gel sticks blended better too when you were painting the swatches. Seemed to have a better consistency. I love your paintbrush, lol. Count me in on the large paint brush collection. I will never be one of those artists with the four brushes, lol. I am always buying brushes.


  9. You’ve certainly got a well-organized desk and it looks like everything has its place.
    Can’t say I’ve ever seen or heard of Gelatoes but have found your video very interesting. Just goes to show that buying ‘the best’ isn’t necessarily the best in the long run but how generous of Faber Castell to offer you the samples to try out.

    Happy Crafting!
    Sue @ #118


  10. so i am really bummed out… i saw the weekly webisode on Paperwishes (love) and i got suckered into buying the Gelatos…had i known that they had a “kids” version (with better colors and more metalics) i would have jumped on it! oh well… i am gonna buy some of the “gel sitcks” on Amazon so i can get the different colors. i cannot believe how crafty you are.. sparkly eyeshadow for some added bling and a clothes pin with “funny foam and a rubber band” as a blending tool.. how cool is that! Wish i had your mad Macguiver skills!


  11. awesome comparison. I have two questions… Gelatos and gels seem to me along the line of pastels. So my concern is do they “dry” and if they do is the color permanent or can it “rub off” on something like a page protector or opposite album page if I used it in my scrapbook for color wash or stenciling. The second is its archival quality… will it eventually “bleed” into other parts of my page?? Thanks!!


    1. I have not noticed any bleeding of color or any color shift on either the gel sticks or gelatos. The companies says the gelatoes are lightfast and acid free but they did not say that the gel sticks weren’t. I typically blend them out a bit so I don’t leave big streaks of color that would rub on a page protector but using them to ink edges and add color and blend it out there has been no transferrence of gelato to my page protector and I know other scrapbookers who use them a lot.


  12. Just watched a live streamed video of some Faber Castel people and they asked about the differences. All they said was the gelatos had been “improved” from the gel sticks. I am personally enjoying the gel sticks!


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