Stamping gears video tutorial & We’ve got eggs!

***Let me preface this blog post. I bought something a wee bit expensive. I have wanted it for 8 months AND I used a coupon. Keep that in mind if you want to give me any crap about it LOL! ***

Howdy folks! What an egg-citing week! My hens started laying…or at least one of them has, we have been finding beautiful little eggs in the bag of wood shavings! They have yet to try out their nesting boxes though 🙂 Also for excitement the new Inkadinkado Stamping gear is available for sale! Now, I’m usually not a “wow! I’ve gotta have it” kind of crafter but when I saw videos of this tool in action from last winter’s CHA I knew I wanted it. Don’t you think it is cruel to make people wait 8 months before they can buy it? You might remember that I was so excited for this tool to come out that I made a homemade version, you can see that tutorial here. Anyway, here is a scrapbook page I made with the tool using feather stamps I already had:


The one caveat of this tool is that is would not work with clear stamps (as is) because the stamps are not thick enough BUT at the end of the video I will show you how to make a simple adaptor so you can use the stamping gear with ALL of your clear and unmounted stamps. Check out this tool straight out of the package-I am amazed at how easy it is to use with no practise!

here is a photo of the medallion I made in the video using both the Inkadinkado Stamping gear and my homemade version, I used the stamps that came in the starter kit and the circle wheel.


Here is the background paper I made with feather stamps I already had and the oval wheel. Oops, I stamped a feather upside down he he! I love these feathers, I’m not sure who makes them, I’ve had them for years!


And the finished page:


Looks like fun huh, it was! I purchased the intro kit (hold on to your hats, it retails for $50!) with a coupon at ACmoore and I have seen it on the Inkadinkado website here they hade 30% off and free shipping so you can wait for a deal to buy it making it much more reasonable. I love how I (now after making my adaptor) can use it with all of my stamps! I give it an A for AWESOME! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

14 thoughts on “Stamping gears video tutorial & We’ve got eggs!

  1. omg! Lindsay, you are a riot. I originally found your blog when searching for stamping gear videos. My homemade version was ok but I was weak with a coupon and $10 rewards bucks at AC Moore and gave into the inkadinkadoo urge. I’ve been playing with it for a week and am loving it. I just tried my clear stamps and found the same problem so I’m looking foward to trying your solution. I was just eyeballing it with the gear in place but it making work on the block thingy will be much easier.

    It makes me feel better knowing I’m not the only person all giddy with excitement over an invention as old as, well, the wheel! 🙂

    Thanks again for your videos. I look forward to finding you in my inbox every day!

    Peace & blessings and happy crafting,


  2. I brought this set home from Michael’s over the weekend but since I am a cardmaker, it was overkill, so I returned it and bought just the small round set. It is amazing…..and now, thanks to you, I will be able to use all of my cling stamps……..thank you! Great video, by the way!


  3. Hi there Lindsay thanks for yet another information rich great post, my WOYWW desk had sea glass on it from Mrs A. all the way form Italy…

    … but have come over here to ask a question – have tried few times now to upload a video onto blogger – but even though it only a small one of 43 mb it wont upload now do you compress yours somehow for uploading.
    I tried making it into a zip file as that was all I know how to do but that did not work and blogger help was not any help at all! I know you use You tube but would rather not do that so wondering how to go about it – thanks! sorry I could not find your email otherwise would have emailed you, Shaz in oz.x


    1. I can not upload the video straight to my blog. I upload it to YouTube and them embed it into my blog. So sign up for a free you tube account and upload your video-it’s easy! Then when you are writing your post and you get to where you want your video click insert (well, that is what you do in wordpress) then from URL (or web) and paste the you tube adress in there. You might need to click “add video” from your blogger dashboard, it has been a while since I have use a blogger account but hopefully that makes sence:)


  4. Hi Lindsay,

    You mentioned in this video that you could use fun foam rather than the cling foam in a pinch. Can you tell me how you do that? I’m not sure how to get the stamps or block to cling to the foam.

    Thanks a bunch,


    1. I would cut a peice of fun foam to fit the block then put some repositioal adhesive to the sider that wouls stick to the clear mount and apply 2″wide packing tape to the other side and the clear stamp will stick to that:)


  5. Just love this and thank you for the utorial on the home made version too! As I live in France, I will look at what I can make at home….as a starter! Bravo on your hens laying! Our neighbours have quite few hens and fresh eggs are wonderful! Our son loves to collect eggs and keep an eye on new chicks! TFS your creations!


  6. Thanks so much for the video, so helpful to see this in action. I loved it so much that I went out with coupon in hand and bought the big set. Now my question is how to store it all. Any ideas?


    1. I put them in a small narrow basket along with the strait tool I made to go with it. You could put them in a basket with other sramp mounts you have-keep like with like or hand the gears on a hook on the wall. I’ll snap a pick of my basket and post it later today:) It is too bad the lovely packaging the gears came in could be used for storage. I could not get them out of the package without ruining it. Hmmm, maybe I should send them another email LOL!


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