Video: Fun With Gelatos & WOYWW!

OK, stop reading if you don’t want to be enabled to buy a fun crafty goodie…well, don’t say I didn’t warn you LOL! I have wanted to buy the Faber Castells Gelato pastels for a while now, I would even pretend to buy them by putting them into my online shopping card then freaking out at the price and shutting off the computer (sad, isn’t it?) but last week I saw a set of 12 in a nice variety of colors for $11, AND a set of 6 for $6! So I nabbed them with free shipping! For $17 I bought what would have cost me $45 at a scrapbook store, WOW! Color me frugal, look at all the money I saved (and never mind the $17 I spent ha ha 😀  Look how pretty they are in a bowl on my desk, Happy What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday everyone!

I spent the day playing with these Gel Sticks/Gelatos and I was amazed, I thought they would wear down quickly but I did not even have to twist them up, they are in chapstick like tubes, and smooth and creamy. Check out the video to see a demonstration and learn some fun techniques:

I think someone switched my coffee with decaf Taster’s Choice LOL! I was just so mellow, either that or I was channeling Bob Ross, hence the “happy little flowers” comment. Here is a look at some of the backgrounds I made in the video with a brief how to:

Above is the embossed watercolor effect. Emboss an organic style design on watercolor paper, color raised area with gelatos and brush over with water. Top with a spritz of shimmer spray if desired. Faux Washi tape: Stick a piece of masking tape on a non stick mat, color with gelatos and brush with water. Stamp over design if desired. Also see yesterday’s blog post for another embossed watercolor gelato background.

Faux Metallic: Emboss a graphic pattern on black cardstock. Color raised areas with metallic gelato and rub over with a piece of fun-foam to blend.

Stamping with Gelatos (instead of ink): Spritz stamp with water. Color rubber with gelatos and stamp on smooth cardstock. You may be able to stamp twice without recoloring. Experiment!

Thanks for joining me for WOYWW, if you want to see other crafters desks hop over to the Stamping Ground for all the fun…or as I lovingly refer to it ‘Craft Hoarders Enabling er I mean Support Group’ Lord knows I did enough enabling myself today LOL! Speaking of enabling, if you want the link of the shops I bought the gel sticks from they are here: Metallic Gel Sticks and Gel Sticks 12 count the price seems to fluctuate a bit, the metallic gel stocks went up $1 but the others were the same. I got free shipping because my order was over $25 due to another purchase. Happy crafting!

41 thoughts on “Video: Fun With Gelatos & WOYWW!

  1. happy WOYWW! thanks for the very interesting video. i have a set of similar gel sticks and i would love to have an embosser to make those wonderful backgrounds! i think i will try the stamping! thanks for sharing! hugs from #6


  2. These Gel Sticks are awesome! I’ve been plying with them for awhile now. I have a tip for you that is going to make you VERY happy.

    those are the same exact thing as Gel Sticks – they are just aimed at children and have a different label. That’s the only difference. 12 for under a buck each – they have gllitter ones too. I have no idea why the photo is of a sippy cup, but you will see they are in fact gel sticks.


    1. Hi!

      Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft here. Great post! But here are some things we’d like to add about Gel Sticks and Gelatos™:

      While Gel Sticks are similar to Gelatos™, the formulation used for the Gelatos™ is uniquely created, making the Gelatos™ medium appropriate for paper crafting (acid-free, lightfast and permanent). Additionally, Gelatos™ are available in more colors than Gel Sticks to provide a broader color palette to the crafter.


      1. Thanks for the clarification…wait, gelatos are even better then gel sticks…be still my heart because these gel sticks freakin rock!


  3. Wow, what fun…when I get over this recent health scare, maybe I can get to the store to buy some to try!
    By the way, do you know when my 2 boxes are set to show up in that magazine? I’d love to know, so I would get to the store on time. I’m not driving due to a bandaged right foot!


  4. I have a set of these that I bought at Amazon also, but instead of buying them as scrapbook stuff, I went to the kids stuff and got them for a lot less. Now there’s where I go if I want to save big. Thanks for the tutorial, Lindsay – I always learn something new from you!


    Carmen L


  5. loving the crafters economics! gotta love a bargain if it is on sale you can automatically forget what you spent as it was a saving!! lol
    i need to tidy my desk and de clutter to make room for new stash but hey im sitting on sofa on here lol all good intentions and all that! lol
    happy WOYWW love Mrs.C.xx #95


  6. Great utube, great samples, I feel I need some of these now, thanks for pointing out the difference, I will endeavour to find some here in the UK
    Happy Wednesday
    Hugz Minxy #9


  7. Wow, I love the different effects, I bought one set of the reds and have never even opened the package, I was waiting to get more colors. I will definitely be doing that soon. I am adding you to my favorites so I can back to watch the video. #33


    1. Hi Linda, Regular student oil pastels are not watersoluble, you can dilute them with paint thinner or linseed oil though. The Crayola Portfolio Watersoluble oil pastels are very similar and much cheaper ($8 for 24 colors) but they are a bit less creamy and soft. I am planning a video on the diffrence between watercolor pencils, crayons, pastels and gelatos very soon!


  8. Fab video – I have never seen gelatos before – Thank you for sharing lots of fun techniques and inspiration. Hmmm Amazon you say!!!! Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 22


  9. I don’t have the metallic gelato’s, just the regular ones. I got some with something I bought, and a few in these sets where you got 3 of a color, like green, and watercolor pencils, and a stamp. They are awesome!!!
    Your pieces are too!!


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