Your kids will love this craft!

Last weekend my girls slept over at a friend’s house and the mom did a craft project with them using a hair dryer to melt crayons. When my girls got home they wanted me to try it too! I’m always up for a new craft so we gave it a whirl:


I used  a heat gun rather than my hair dryer because I figured less wind would be better (the other mom said she gor covered in wax with the hair dryer on high so if you are using a hair dryer use the low setting!) The heat gun worked well but I was a bit worried about hitting the flash point of the wax but luckily nothing burst into flames 😀


Directions: Hot glue crayons to the top of a rigid canvas board, foamboard piece or scrap of mat board. Heat the crayons from above while holding the board tipped at an angle. You can tilt the board to make the wax drip where you want it. Lay the board flat to cool and embellish as desired!

Lila was so proud of her creation, she embellished it with buttons and flowers, that’s my girl!


Thanks Shellie for teaching my girls this craft! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

8 thoughts on “Your kids will love this craft!

  1. Do you think you could do this with pieces of crayons (old/broken ones) rather than new ones? I think my kids would love to do this and we have tons of broken crayons around.


  2. Oh my gosh Lila is becoming prettier every day and growing up so fast. I swear the last time we got to see Lila blog post she was just a tiny thing. I love her creation. So cute and full of personality.


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