Video Tutorial: Easy Blending with All Markers!

Happy Friday folks! I was playing with the new Framed Floral ATC stamps from About Art Accents (by the way, the set of 9 ATC size stamps are on sale for $16.99-regular $29.99 and you can save 10% more with my coupon code: Lindsay10%) and they are just perfect for coloring with markers! The card on the left was colored with Copics (alcohol markers) while the one on the Right uses a couple of watercolor markers. They both can be blended and a quick to color.

Here is a quick video to show you how easy it is to blend with either type of markers:

Here are my tips for using markers:

  1. Pick the right paper for the project. I love super smooth cardstock (Neenah #80 Classic Crest in Solar White) for my alcohol ink markers BUT for watercolor markers watercolor paper works best. If you really want to work on cardstock with watercolor markers Stampin’ Up cardstock is the best uncoated cardstock I have tried…still, I’d choose watercolor paper.
  2. Work dark to light, I know this sounds counterintuitive but trust me, it works and you can get by with fewer markers. When you work light to dark you need to work with colors that are just a hair darker than the previous but when you start dark and go over that with the middle value (like I did in the video) you can jump a few shades meaning you need fewer markers to get the same results.
  3. Color a swatch on a scrap of the paper you are using to see if the colors really blend well together before you start coloring you picture, this will save a lot of time and wasted paper.
  4. Relax, practice and have fun, after all it’s only coloring!

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

7 thoughts on “Video Tutorial: Easy Blending with All Markers!

    1. oops! I forgot to list it! It is the Occasions Alphabe from Stampin Up! I love that set, it has a sentiment for every letter of the alphabet. I was expensive $31 for clear mont, but I have used it a lot. The frame did not come with the set, it is a rubber stampede (Delta) stamp. Thanks for asking! Oh and I stamped the frame first since it is wood mounted, then stamped the sentiment inside since it was cling and easy to see where I was stamping. Have a great day!


  1. Thanks for sharing your tips with all of us. This seems to be an easier way of coloring with the Copics. I will definitely try my luck with this waynof coloring. Thanks!


  2. Love the video Lindsay. Love the less is more when it comes to Copics. I don’t want to store the 3 billion Copics that are out on the market. 🙂 You taught me the correct way to say Niji. I have been pronouncing it like Ninja without the j, lol.


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