A little birthday ‘stache’!

Here is a quick idea for a birthday gift (no trip to the mall required!) using the Photo Booth Props SVG kit from Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff:



  1. Punch holes in lid of mason jar with a Crop-a-dile or hammer & nail.
  2. Line the edges of the jar with dollar bills. Keep the bills to the edge of the jar. Place some change or marbles  in there for weight.
  3. Cut mustaches from black cardstock and glue to barbeque skewers, insert skewers in holes.
  4. Make a tag saying “Here’s a little birthday ‘stache, ” or “From my ‘stache’ to yours”  and tie it to the neck of the jar.

Easy, peasy and everyone likes cash, right? Here is a look at the Photo Booth Prop kit, as a bonus the partygoers can have fun playing with the moustaches!

 Photo Booth Props!

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!