DIY Craft Desk & WOYWW

Howdy folks! It’s funny how after a few days away from home you can look at your surroundings with a fresh eye. When I went down to craft yesterday my desk was so uninspiring. My binders of unmounted stamps were hard to pull out and I didn’t feel that I had room to work, also I had left my craft area in a bit of chaos so that didn’t help either…so…I spent $5 at the lumber yard and transformed my workdesk from this:


To this:


Here is a video to show you how I revamped my workdesk. Now, don’t go expecting a “Bob Villa” quality project here, we are talking saw horses, cinder blocks, an old door and boards but I am thrilled with the results, have a look:

See, how easy, anyone can do it! I wonder if I can get a guest spot on This Old House? Nah, you probably have to at least break out a hammer 🙂 I will say that I did measure everything and sketch out a design before I underwent this re-do. It probably saved me an hour of moving stuff around because I had a good estimation of what would fit. So my tip is make sure to measure to stuff you want to contain on your desk shelves!  Here are so more after shots:


…and now for something completely different…

Now, I realize that my studio will never be featured in House Beautiful but it is a WORKING studio and I need to be able to make a mess, hose it down and make another one. It works for me! So head out to the lumber yard, pick up a few cinder blocks and let’s get this party started!

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Pssst…wanna see more crazy tables? Head on over to the Stamping Ground for What’s on your Workdesk Wednesday or as I affectionately call it  ‘my craft hoarding support group’ you will get an eyeful of creativity and it is so much fun!

40 thoughts on “DIY Craft Desk & WOYWW

  1. WOW job well done! I applaud you for your creativity, function, and work space. I’m on board … let’s get started!!!


  2. Hi Lindsay. Your studio looks GREAT now. What a face-lift. I’m impressed and will certainly watch the video a bit later.
    Confession time… the journal page didn’t show because I forgot to put it there. That’s what haste does for me. When you have a minute, dodge back again.
    Ros. #14


  3. You have inspired me! I have been “organizing” for months now! My craft room is small 8 x 12. Progress is slow for different reasons. (my 14 year old special needs grandaughter wants to sleep in it everytime she sleeps over, she has a small but private space for blanket, pillow and her computer lol a cubby hole lol) But you have got my creative juices flowing again. I truely love what you did. I would like to know where did you get your clear holder for your pens and markers? Thanks for sharing!


    1. Hi Veronica, The pen rack was a Zig pen display from a scrapbook store. I bought it for $10 when it was going out of business. You couls make a similer rack from foam core and hot glue or glue Crystal Light containers together or soup cans. I suggest you have it angle back slightly so your pens will not spill out. good luck! Also I have got artsy storage bargins at Rite Aid when they close of move, you can get poster board racks and other goodies, maybe pen racks too! Staples might even have some cardboard racks to git rid of after back to school sale time:)


  4. Oh wow. I’m really impressed! I would measure but not sketch out (or cut out little bits for the objects). I am in awe – and why not be in a magazine?

    My blog candy is posted so check it out!

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay #37


  5. Sometimes, a re-org seems to gain you more space – looks like your plank did that – but I am at the point where unless I am hanging things from the ceiling there is just no way to eke out more space. But I’ll come back in my usual browser to watch the video and see if there is some secret hidden trick I miss by just looking at the photos. Who knows? Maybe NEXT week mine will W be magically extended…..

    …not holding my breath tho’ 🙂

    MA (2)


  6. I love it Lindsay. Looks great! The lighting was pretty too. I gave up all my dye ink pads. I only use the SU ones too. I like the colors. 🙂

    If you know some builders they will give you cinder blocks for free. They will give you a lot of things free like doors too. 🙂 It saves them money on trash costs and it all gets thrown away anyway. My DH is always coming home with items like the stack of marble he recently got. He brought home hexagon tiles and one inch tiles the other day for me.


    1. I got one at a yard sale and the other 2 at an antique shop. They were not cheap tho, I paid $20-$25 for each! That said I usually see them for around $40 in this good of condition, mine are all in really great shape. I wish I could find the chest they would slide into. If you go to your local shops and give them your name and # and tell them you wnat a printers try and you are willing to pay $15-$30 they will call you when one comes in.


  7. That’s a brilliant re-org Lindsey and I like how you just got on and did it. When we first moved in to our house we had a lot of projects to do and my husband had a lot of business trips at that time and he’d lock the door to his workshop so I couldn’t get the tools out on my own!!! Are all those binders really clear stamps!!? I’ll swap you a full ribbon reel for one of your full binders, lol! Congrats on the column in Scrap & Stamp too, I’ll have to look out for your first issue.

    Brenda 5


  8. Fantastic work on the makeover. Storage is the absolute key, and you seem to have really hit the nail on the head (even without any hammers!). What an inspiring workspace you’ve created!
    Alison x


  9. Fantastic job and great video too. That is a real example of Girl power!! Your workspace looks sooooo much better 🙂
    Hugs, LLJ ‘#72 xx


  10. Lindsay – genius! I love the result, loved the video and watched it to the end (rare, for me!!) but I have to admit, the best bit for me was the added made me laugh…and who’s Bob Villa anyway?!!


    1. hi Julia! Bob Villa is an American TV host of the show “This Old House” and he revovates older homes properly, he has been on TV as long as I can remember! I didn’t even think that people outside of the US would not know him LOL!


  11. Fun video to watch, I have a similar set up, using a book shelf over 2 storage buns on my table, but not as much stuff on it, lol Love the small skinny cinder blocks, they are almost cute…if a cinder block can be called cute! waving hi from the sandy beaches of Florida ;0


  12. Hi Lindsay thanks for popping by. I loved your video. You are a natural! Great DIY job – and not a fella in sight! Even your cinder blocks (breeze blocks here in the UK) can be extra storage too. WOYWW Hugs to you from Helen 18


  13. That’s great! Love your video too – lovely humorous approach, and a great result. I also love how you’ve utilised the holes in the cinder block to keep pens and things in.

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! Yes, Penny Duncan and I are friends, but I never thought my ARTHaven was like hers loll!! At the moment it’s a total tip. I’m really trying to downsize all the rubbish I don’t need any more. When we eventually move house, I shall be designing a new ARTHaven from scratch, instead of the ad-hoc one I’ve got which came about gradually, before I knew what I needed, and what I would be doing. It’s already in its second incarnation and not how I want it. Are we ever satisfied, I wonder? Lol!!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #10


  14. Wow, looks great and now your stamps will be even easier to get to!! I try to keep the clutter down in my room, I feel a cleaning cokming on!!
    Thanks for taking the time to do this on video!
    Ginny #42


  15. Very nice. Had a cinder block shelf years ago…30-35 years ago…that I stored my old vinyl albums under and had the stereo and speaker on top. Like you said it was inexpensive and worked on a students budget. Thanks god for ipads! Love your new organized desk space. Vickie #38


  16. Wow!! What a huge difference!! I love what you did with the place!!

    Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I was using the powder puff inks. They’re not my go to for everything since they’re slow drying, but I really do like them a lot! And I needed something good and juicy for the project I was working on (which is posted now if you feel like taking a peek!) Plus I got them At a convention last year for only $20 instead of $30…so that made them a great deal.

    Amy E. #4


  17. Boards and cinder blocks are the basics in my basement studio desk. I store bits and pieces in my blocks, too. You did a super job, and I agree that you MUST measure and make at least a sketch if you want a successful redo. Yours is awesome. Glad I stopped by, even if I’m late. I’m number 11 this week.


  18. Looks like the decorating bug has hit WOYWW in a big way this week. I have spent the entire day reorganising my stash and I think it will take me another day (at least!) before I am done, but with every little bit that gets organised I get more excited!
    Happy belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #116


  19. Wow! I always tell my DH what thing I need and he will (usually) construct it – but if I try to give him too much info, he gets PO’d and won’t do it – just wants to create it in his head. It always turns out great, not necessarily EXACTLY what I had in mind, but I’ve learned to be less controlling!!! I had to strip about 100 (no joke!) years of layers of wall paper (3 people x 30 hours of work), then paint. This was my DD’s play room when she was little, so it is painted sky blue with a border at the top – vignettes of a brunette princess in a purple gown, a unicorn, a castle and swans in a lake. I faux painted one wall to look like the stone blocks of a castle wall. Not so much my style, but it makes me happy to be in there!!! The floor is hardwood and I have two big windows, one overlooks what I imagine would be gardens if I were so energetic!!! More the remains of the horse pasture (my horse has gone to her reward). The windows have been bare all these years – only mini blinds ;-( Not a pleasant place to be after dark! I just bought curtain fabric I LOVE (apparently I am very willing to wait for it – but ten years is ridiculous!!!!). Looks like I need to get a move on, what do you think??? BTW – Jane, you have motivated me already – I bought the photo/card organizers at a bargain on-line 28 cents a piece for 50 ,including shipping. I will photo my fabric on the white work table, two to a pic, upload to the pharmacy down the road (currently 25 photos for free) then cut each in half and organize in a binder with details. I also bought 18″ x 24″ zippy-top bags online to store current in-process projects with patterns, etc. (again with a photo). Does color influence your desire to be in a creative space? Or do you want a neutral background so the work stands out? Or a colorful design inspiration board hanging on the wall? Lots of people use a pegboard system – do you?


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