Lookie what I made at camp!

Happy Monday folks! Well, I survived a weekend in the wilderness with 9 Brownie Girl Scouts. I must say the girls and us moms held up surprisingly well despite the constant rain we received. I am not kidding, we did not see the sun the entire weekend. Apparently there is a beautiful view of Mt Katahdin from our campsite but it was in the clouds all weekend. The girls still had a blast though and that is what counts! Here is the clothspin worry doll I made in Arts & Crafts:

I really liked Arts and Crafts because it was in a warm dry building with electricity LOL! Here are the dolls our girls made:

The staff at the camp was great, they had many teen girls from England on staff and one from New Zealand. The campers loved their accents (I’m sure they though out Maine accent was funny too!)

Today is a relaxing day for me (I have to recoup from the miles of hiking whilst carrying a backpack full of wet towles-yes, I am a totally wimp!) and I think I need another pot of coffee before I am set to rights 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!