My Name is on the Masthead!

Ha ha ha ha ha! (maniacal laughter) I am so thrilled that my name is officially on the masthead at Scrap & Stamp Arts Magazine!


Well, la-de-da I’m an editorial advisor! I have been freelance writing for them for a couple of years but now I have my own column!!! It’s called (what else) The Frugal Crafter and you can see it in every issue starting October 2012! I just got my copy in the mail and I am delirious with excitement! Yep, I’m easily amused. I also had a few cards in Just Holidays! magazine too also from the same publisher.


That’s all for now, I should have a new video tutorial up tomorrow, til then happy crafting!

23 thoughts on “My Name is on the Masthead!

  1. It must be official, Lindsay, if your name appears in the list of contributors! I read the 2nd article you wrote for them; actually I missed the first part of the article about frugal storage and now I can’t find a copy of that issue. I guess I’ll have to wait for the digital copy. Congratulations my dear friend, you deserve it!


    Carmen L


  2. Three Cheers for you…….congrats!!!!!!! well done…..and a happy dance for you!!!!! so exciting….. and you can still share your talent with us… are fab!!!!!


  3. They say most every-one gets @least 8 mins or 8 sec (?), or as in y
    Ur case it will be 88yrs…of ABSOLUTE, WELL DESERVED, OUT-
    The One-and-The Only Wonderful—YOU!, yes funny, intellegent
    creative, Oh so very VERY Human…YOU! Thank You God for giving us
    Lindsay, the One who calls herself The Frugal Crafter…All Major Blessing,Peace2u&Ur’s w/Luv


  4. Congratulations to you. How in the world did I miss this email??? So sorry this is late. I am so happy for you, you deserve it and more you are so crafty.


  5. I am both happy for you and at the same time very proud of you for working so hard to make your dreams come true! You really deserve it, I am doing the happy dance for you hon!


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