Glitter tips!

Yesterday was my SIL’s birthday and she likes sock monkeys so made her this card:


You pull the tab and it pops up to reveal the sentiment. I have a tutorial on how to make the card on this post if you are interested, it is very easy! The monkey stamp is from Stampin up and to get the impressionist look I colored it with watercolor pencils. I colored the background first with blue, yellow and green and spritzed it with water then colored on the damp paper with the same pencils to leave the “brushstrokes” then when it was dry I colored the monkey and blended with a damp brush. I used Inktense pencils from Derwent.

Glitter Tips!

To adhere glitter that will dry in seconds I use clear nail polish. I am done with stickles and glitter glue because I always smear it. The nail polish dries before I can possibly drop the card or stick my elbow in it. Great tip for clumsy crafter! I gave my kids all of my stickles:)

To remove glitter from my silicone craft mat (Yes, I know nothing s supposed to stick to it but glitter and embossing powder clings to a craft mat with a vengeance!) I wrap a piece of old-fashioned masking tape around my hand and press it to the mat to pick it up. Easy and done!

One of my daughters also made a card for her aunt, she loves the fancy folds as much as her momma!


Yep, my 7 year old’s card making skills are as good as mine…what took me so long to learn?  🙂

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

4 Responses

  1. Sock monkey rocks, an adorable gnome-talented Mom…talented daughter:) I’ll have to try the tip about nail polish and glitter. Thanks


  2. Gorgeous card, I know what you mean about elbows in the stickles but I do love to draw a straight line with them. Your daughters card is gorgeous, quite the artist like her Mom!


  3. Lindsay, I first scanned all the pics of the photos and I fell in love with the gnome card. My mouth dropped open when you said your DD made it. She is all out talented and going to become a superb artist.

    I don’t use Stickles either. I gave mine all away. I like nail polish too. I love to do nail art so I have a lot of nail tools. I use my nail tools with my art work. I do still use glitter glue. I usually just mix up batches of clear glue with glitter. I then paint it on. I like my version of stickles better. 🙂


  4. Gasp! No Stickles????? LOL I love mine, but will keep this tip in mind when using my glitter. LOVE the cards – talent must be hereditary!


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