What can you do with a soda can?

You can make fabulous earrings!

And a card from the box the cans of soda came in!

Here is a video to show you how! You will also learn how to make your own jump rings. I apologize the vaguely obscene hand gestures I made when explaining how to properly open and close a jump ring, but I bet you won’t forget the right way to do it! 😀

Here are the earrings I made in the video:


If you have any questions about this project just leave a comment and I will get back to you. BTW I have a video on showing how to make beads from plastic bottles too, it’s a moldy oldie from a year ago with my old camera but still worth a look if you want to check it out here. You gotta love free beads!

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


12 Responses

  1. Love the soda can earrings! Just one question, are the edges sharp and how to you dull them if they are? Thanks!


  2. Amazing Lindsay! Loved the video….thanks for sharing your wealth of inspiration!!!
    Paper Hugs…and a few soda cans too,


  3. My mouth has just dropped to the floor . I was expecting embellishmts for cards. BEAUTIFUL ! You are soooo talented , inspirational , and creative to say the least ! S , glad I found your blog . Every time I see that you have sent out the e-mail I get all giddy just waiting to see what you are up to !!!


  4. Those are so cool! I only wish I could still wear earrings (my skin is very sensitive and won’t tolerate any metal these days). . .


  5. Those earrings are beautiful. I am allergic to nickel so I don’t wear jewelry but you do beautiful work. I think I will have a look at your beads out of plastic. HUGS!


  6. You are the Master of such a huge variety of different techniques!!! love these cool earrings-and love the tea cans too…..!


  7. I see what you think of us, ROFL! You are not allowed to edit!

    I love the new video. I bet you are getting lots of compliments when your out. I love the back side of the earrings. They look like metallic seashells.

    I am always saving cans. I use tin snips to cut my cans. Awls to punch holes in them. I use my Big Shot to cut up the cans because it softens the edges. I didn’t think about using punches to soften the edges. Punches are quicker. I thought of another plus to punching cans. Your sharpening your punches. 🙂


  8. Thanks for the video, Lindsay, and for explaining not to pull the rings into a U – I got it!!


  9. You have inspired me so much so that I talked about this project on my website at http://www.themarycrafter.com/index.php/handcrafts/39-halloween-recycled.


  10. I truely love your videos and am so happy you do them. My question is, can you use a cuttlebug to cut cans? That is the only cutting machine I own. WIsh I had one of the other ones, but money is tight right now. Lost my job due to store closing and have to watch my pennies if you know what I mean. Thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge with us. HUGS!


    • you sure can! I just used a punch so a die cut machine can surely handle it:) Sorry to hear about your job:(


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