Knit a Kindle Kozy!

I always thought “cozies” were kind of silly, as if inanimate objects get chilly LOL! ūüėÄ But after receiving a Kindle Fire for my birthday I realized I needed a case for it so I could carry it in my purse without it getting damaged. Now, I could go out and buy a plain black boring one OR I could knit one that fits my bright pink, pom-pom with fluffy trim personality!


I still think I might add a crochet flower or felt applique to the front or something. When I got near the end I though “gee, this would be a great project for a simple cable on the front but as you know “I do not rip out stitches, it is forward or nothing with me!” so maybe there will be a cable on the next one. These are so quick to make maybe I’ll whip up a few for this years craft fair! It is a perfect “Knit it in an evening” project!


Here is the pattern for a small knitting loom (24 pegs). I used the blue loom from the Nifty Knitter round kit. The Yarn I used is all from Lion Brand: Hometown USA (Super bulky), Fun Fur and Funky fur (held together for the trim. 2 pairs of #10 (US) needles, a large crochet hook (J), plastic yarn needle and scissors.

Directions: Knit on all pegs of the round blue loom (use the directions that come with your loom) until your tube is as long as your tablet.

Divide the stitches between 2 #10(us) needles. You will have 12 stitches on each needle and the¬†ball end of the yarn should be at the point end of your needles. Hold both needles in your left¬†hand. Now you need to do a double needle bind off: Using another needle slide through the front¬†of the first stitch on both needles, draw one loop through both of the¬†stitches (you are making a stitch on the right hand needle) and drop the two stitches you just went though. Repeat. Now use the left hand needle (you have two needles¬†in your left hand, you only need to use one) to pull the first new stitch over the 2nd new stitch thus binding off the fist stitch on the RH needle, Now you have 10 stitches on your LH needles and 1 stitch on your RH needle and 1 stitch bound off. Repeat until you have bound off all stitches and one stitch remains on the RH needle. Cut string leaving a 6″ tail and pull the loose end through the loop on your needle, remove needle,¬†and tug to tighten. Weave end in with a plastic yarn needle. Tip: Turn the knitting inside out and weave in the ends there where it cannot be seen!

To finish crochet fun-fur and fancy fur (hold strands together and weave in ends as you go) around the top edge. I used a DC stitch to add lots of fluff but you can use a simple chain stitch, it is very forgiving since the yarn is so fluffy no one will notice a bad stitch ūüôā


If you are knitting this for the original kindle you may want to try adding a cable, it will add some more stretch to the sleeve and grab the smaller device¬†better. If you have an iPAD¬†try using the next bigger loom. You can make purses, bags and even hats this way. Looms are great for beginner knitters, kids or folks that are tired of slow knitting and want to complete a project fast! If you can’t find super bulky yarn simply hold two strands of worsted weight yarn together! This is a great project for that lonely one ball of beautiful yarn you have kicking around:)


Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


5 thoughts on “Knit a Kindle Kozy!

  1. Super cute, Lindsay! I love this idea. I have these looms, but I’ve never known what to do with them. Thanks for sharing this great idea!


  2. great idea, but sadly i bought a few years ago at yard sale and no instructions. do you have a you tube vid on these? thx!


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