DIY: Knitting Spools!

Good morning crafters! I was looking for a way to transition the kids in my knitting group from knitting on their fingers to knitting on needles and came up with this: Homemade knitting spools:


I read on a website that using a “knitting nancy” or knitting spool was a great way to teach kids to knit so instead of buying knitting spools I made some for pennies! Heres how:

  1. Pound 4 small 1″ long nails called brads around the hole of a wooden spool.
  2. Roll a scrap of cardstock around a knitting needle and insert it in the hole in the spool, that prevents the yarn from snagging on the wood, no need to glue:)
  3. If you like you can wrap another scrap of paper around the outside of the spool or let the kids decorate their own!

Here is how to use a knitting spool!

First, feed the end of the yard down through the top hole (the end with the nails) so it comes out the bottom hole. Then wrap the yarn around each nail from back to front going around the spool counterclockwise.  Wrap the yarn around each spool again so it looks like this:

Then use a small crochet hook or knitting needle to lift the bottom string over the top. It will look like this:

After each round of knitting give the string on the bottom a little tug and after a few rounds you will start to see a fabric cord forming out the bottom of the spool. You can use this cord for purse straps, belts, hat strings or roll it into a spiral and stitch it flat and use it for a Barbie doll rug or pot holder. The possibilities are endless!

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

7 thoughts on “DIY: Knitting Spools!

  1. Hi Lindsay we used these as kids it is called french knitting here not sure why and we used a bent bobby pin (bent out straight, to hold easily) for the crotchet hook as we had none of them! and the bobby pins had nice soft tip good for the wool, and not dangerous, TFS, Shaz in Oz.x


  2. That is so smart! I always wondered what other use I could get out of the old spools. Being made out of wood, I did not want to throw them away. It would be perfect to make up a kit for my granddaughters for a Christmas present…spools, yarn, crochet hook and instructions. Wouldn’t that be nice!

    Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful ideas!


  3. I remember my father making those for my sister and me. He used to widen the hole inside the spool with a drill though, so we could use thicker whool.The spool is a nice idea if you already have some on hands but if you have to buy them make this loom, you better go to Walmart and buy the French knitting bee 🙂
    I bought two as a stocking filler for my sister’s nieces last xmas. The girls loved it.


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