Try something new: a gatefold easel card! {video tutorial}

Happy Monday folks! I saw a really pretty card on a blog the other day (I’m so sorry I cannot find the card I saw, I went hunting for it again, so if you recently posted a pretty gatefold easel card on your blog leave me a link so I can check it out!)  I couldn’t get the lovely card off my mind so I decided to try to make one and came up with this. I used Lily digistamp from my Pretty Posies Digital stamp set for the center panel. By the way, Everything at Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff is 36% off through Wednesday! It’s my birthday sale! Anywhoo…on to the card:


Here it is closed:


Remove the band and open the flaps:


And pop up the easel, fun huh?


Do you know what else? It is really easy to make too, check out my video:

Here is the cutting, scoring template:


I tried to find out who originally came up with this idea and saw many more lovely cards (not the one that first inspired me tho!) so if you know who came up with this idea please leave a comment so I can credit them:) Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

PS don’t forget to check out the Birthday sale at Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff, 36% off everything in the shop…can you guess how old I am turning LOL?!?


20 thoughts on “Try something new: a gatefold easel card! {video tutorial}

  1. What a Beautiful Fold,..& as ALWAYS Your instructions w/visual so classic and very well thought out for all of us, sure R gifted, No wonder U were a great teacher! Thanks again for helping us w/our lack of creative whatever, You sure know how to help all of us out. Thanks again,..and again,..AND AGAIN(*o*)


  2. Ha! Ha! My daughter’s name came up! I’m glad she is using this site. Thanks for the cutting/folding template for this clever card. I’m always looking for a new and interesting card design. Thank you for sharing!


  3. Beautiful and very well executed.
    Thank you. I just have a question, I am new at crafting and noticed the over sized cutting surface you used and wanted to know where I can purchase one that big?thanks,



  4. i love this card i can never get my gatefolds to folds properly so i am going to follow this i hope it works for my friend love my Easel cards


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