I’m a little bit rusty..in a good way!

Hi there crafters! I was in need of a birthday card for a guy and came up with this:


I die cut some gears from cardstock and wanted them to look like metal so I inked them with pigment ink and used copper embossing powder and heat it…but wait? Where is my shiny finish?!? My old embossing powder had tarnished from either age, humidity or both and my gears looked rusty…but wait, I like it!


I even bent the gear in the center to crack the embossing and it flaked off like real rust, score! I never thought I’d be so excited about rust LOL! In case rust is not your thing you can get a metal look too, check out these tags. The one on the left I inked with tumbled glass distress ink and swiped with a gold inkpad (I also tried it with gold powder eyeshadow and it worked great too!) then I inked up an embossing folder with brown ink (the side that will face the right side of the tag) and ran it through my big shot. Since the tag was damp with ink I quickly dipped it in clear embossing powder and heated it for a glassy shine. Since I used some gold ink it look rather metallic but to enhance the effect you can use more metallic inks, it is all up to you.


To grungify the tag on the right I did all the steps as the other tag then brushed some acrylic paint over the raised area and sprinkled my tarnished copper EP on top. I heated it and the paint cracked and the EP got all rusty, overall a great old distressed look I think!

I guess I won’t be throwing away my old embossing powders after all 😛 Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

16 thoughts on “I’m a little bit rusty..in a good way!

  1. Just really awesome, I love the colors and the shimmer. You’ve really got an eye gal! Listen can you do or direct some of us newbies as to what type of dies are okay to be used w/what machines. like is it okay to use i.e. a charryLynn die(I recall you finally purchased one) well can it be used on a vagabond, or is it ONLY to be used with the Cuttlebuge of the Spellbinders Caliber//and re other such dies too.???Please Help
    I heard that the dies can CRACK, and well if you’ve invested 28.99 on a die,..to bad they don’t put on the dies’s writting what machine you can use it with!


    1. I have a Big Shot and all dies 6″ wide or less work in it. I suppose you can ruin any die if you have the wrong plates but I doubt you would be able to crank it through if there was enough pressure to crack a die. You can use the cheery lynn dies (they are about the same thickness as spellbinders) on most machines I think. I start with my basic plates and add cardstock shimms as I go until it cuts:) I know what you mean about being nervous, I was when I borrowed a friends die:)


  2. What a great card. Don’t you love it when something doesn’t turn out the way you planned but then the way it does turn out, you love it even more. I struggle with making man cards. you did a great job.


  3. Excellent idea to grungify the gears and card. Love the effect. What did you use to create the ticket? Love the stamped images and ticket shape. Thanks in advance for your reply.


    1. Hi Laurie, I used a stamp set from close to my Heart I got on sale at the stamp show I want to last month. I just trimmed the top and bottom strait and used postage edge scissors for the edges.


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