A scrapbook tool (in your purse!)

OK, I am pretty sure I poo-poo’ed camera phones on my blog but that was before I got one! My phone is not fancy, it is a trac-phone. I was happy with my old one but when my husband ordered a new one with a camera on it he asked if I wanted to trade…hmmm..I’d give it a shot…and you know what? I love it! The pictures are not great. It is a 2 megapixel camera with a teeny lens but ya know what? It’s good enough. I am not going to carry my camera with me wherever I go, I rarely carry a purse so if it can’t fit in my pocket I’ll do without it.  I wouldn’t use it to take pictures on Christmas or my kid’s birthday but at the beach or the park, heck yeah, I’ll use it! Here is a scrapbook page I made with shots from my camera phone…hey, it’s better than nothing!


Did I mention our boys WON the packwagon scramble?…oh I did…sorry. 🙂

So, if your phone has a camera why not use it once in a while to capture something scrapworthy.

BTW, I get my pictures from my phone to my printer by emailing them to myself…I felt real tech-savvy when I figured that trick out 😀 Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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  1. Hi there Lindsay often use my phone for pickies even on my blog my last weeks post was taken on camera most on my walk but last one at home cos was too lazy to download from camera and phone it is 5mp though – great shots if light is good, happy shooting Shaz in Oz.x
    Phone shots here –


  2. Great Job! Here’s another thing you can do use dropbox. Its a free program and it will automatically sync your pics from your phone to your pc and you won’t have to email them to yourself. Have a great day!


  3. My phone is al,most always with me, we have extended family around the country and you never know when there’ll be an emergency. I use the camera function whenever caught off guard &/or without a camera! It’s one of the greatest tools we have! Your page is GREAT!


  4. Congrats to the boys for the big win. They look so cute. I have a pink Blackberry with a 2Megapixel camera. I hardly use the Camera. I need to more. Your pictures inspired me. I hate talking on the phone so I only use it to take notes.


    • Same here. I have people around me who own galaxy s2 and latest android with amazing cameras! and they shoo my phone like a stray puppy! 😛

      Bad people I swear! 😛 😀


  5. Wonderful that the boys won! It’s nice to be able to get those often missed candid shots with a cell phone and have them to be a great addition to a scrapbook! Nice job.


  6. Good to go…great page and pics!!!! Just think you don’t have to miss on an photo ops now!!! Yipee!
    Paper Hugs,


  7. Congrats to the boys, love the page and the pics!


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