Faux Postage & Reverse Masking Video!

Do you want a quick and easy (not to mention inexpensive to make and mail) card technique? Well, read on my friend! Today I’ll show you some easy techniques while we make this card:


I used the sketch from Oriental Stamp Art and stamps from About Art Accents (all except the postmarks, they are Limited Edition and Hero Arts) Sorry about the length, it’s 20 minutes, but chock full of tips!

There you have it! Wasn’t that easy? Now go grab your ink and play and til next time happy crafting!


13 Responses

  1. Yes on the hair video. I have long hair so I would love to learn a new look for it. That will keep it up and nice on this hot summer days.


  2. Great video Lindsay! Our card club’s next exchange is a ‘one layer card’…your tutorial will make that challenge easy now! Thanks so much!
    Paper Hugs,


  3. Thanks for sharing these wonderful techniques! As for the braiding, our granddaughters wear braids/french braids a lot, especially in hot weather. So, I think it is still very popular. Go for it!


  4. I love your braid it is so pretty. French braids a timeless classic. I noticed a huge trend of fancy French braids since Game of Thrones has been on the air. I have waist length red hair and I always loved a French braid.

    Loved the video especially the faux postage idea. I am always using faux postage in my creations and never thought about making my own using all my stamps and inks. I can stop buying so many postage rubber stamps. 🙂

    Don’t like Tim’s inks either because they bead. Drove me crazy. I traded the inks. 🙂

    I bought a Tonic perforator. One of my favorite crafting tools. It can perforate heavy cardstock.

    Loved your kids! Made me smile “Mom, Mom, Mom!” :D!


  5. I just LOVE your site and your videos! It is a blessing to learn use after use for the stuff I already have. I can visit your site and still be content and filled with new ideas. Your explanations are great. Thanks so much! i french braided my girls hair daily during summer vacation when they were young. They looked neat and clean and could play without their long hair getting tangled in everything. I have never managed to french braid my own hair. a video wouldbe great.


    • thank you so much, that is so nice to hear:) I will do a braid video, probably at the end of the week:)


  6. thanks for these cool techniques….love your card too!!


  7. I just discovered your YouTube channel and love your video’s. Where did you get the large rocking acrylic block you used in this video–gotta get one! Thanks.


    • I just got it at a stamp show, it is a Mega Mount by Impression Obsession, it was $25 and worth every penny~!


  8. Your french braids are beautiful Lindsay, though my hair is a bit too short for one. Loved all your great tips, especially the faux layer done with the torn paper. Thanks for sharing!


  9. Very creative. The colors really look fantastic. Are those butterflies hand drawn? Or you have some kind of stamps?


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