New paper flower SVGs

Hi there, I hope you are havng a great weekend! Here is the latest kit from Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff at MyGrafico. It’s my brand new Paper Flowers SVG kit:

I designed this kit after seeing all of the crazy flower dies at the stamp convention I went to. Now, I don’t care how anyone spends their money but one flower die was going for $25 and they were the thin dies that only cut paper and you are stuck with one size. I realized that having an SVG file you can cut with your electronic cutter would be a better deal because not only do you get 5 different flower designs and a file of assorted leaves but you can cut them bigger or smaller, fatter or thinner and skew and stretch them for endless variety! All that for a couple of bucks and you don’t have to waste paper figuring out the right sandwich 🙂

I wanted to mention the special instructions that come with the kit. They are on the printable templates. I recommend you read the directions before assembling them. I also recommend you use a slotted quilling tool for any of the flowers that have a coiled strip center like the daisy and the primrose:

The lily, plumeria and primrose can also be rolled but they are easier to assemble if you cut the petals apart. I like that they are attached at the base for two reasons: 1 because if you want to ink them you can quickly swipe an sponge up the petal from the strip where it is attached and 2 because you can keep all the parts of the flower together if you like to cut a bunch of flowers at once but use them at a later time. If you get confused just look at the printable directions. The directions are always a last resort for me too so don’t feel bad 😀

If you like making paper flowers you can find the Paper Flowers SVG kit here.

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

3 thoughts on “New paper flower SVGs

  1. These are lovely. Too bad I don’t have a cutting program or I would definately get them. Because you are right, buying the dies for each one if very expensive and only one size. You are so talented and I just love reading your posts every day. Keep up the great work.


    1. I’ve always liked to make paper flowers, I did a set of rolled ones about 2 years ago too. Thanks for the kind words:)


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