No glossy cardstock? Try photo paper!

I came across a package of 4″x6″ glossy photo paper today and I wondered if I could use it in lieu of glossy cardstock. My 4-year-old HP printer does not like the small sheets so rather than let it keep collecting dust I took it to my craft room to have a play with it! BTW this 5 minute card is made with a  new stamp from the stamp show by Lost Coast Designs.


It stamps beautifully! You get gorgeous detail and the ink is dry in a flash but not all glossy techniques will work on this paper.

What WILL work on photo paper:

  • Stamping “photo” stamps with lots of detail with dye based ink.
  • Coloring over the dye ink with Copics or other permanent markers (see the pink hat)
  • Blending with watercolor markers (see how the black stamping ink blends with the brown marker)
  • Coloring on the rubber of your stamp with watercolor markers and stamping like I have been showing you earlier this week (Local King Technique)

What won’t work on photo paper:

  • Stamping with watermark ink for a resist (un-embossed) the ink absorbs into the paper coating rather than drying on top I think.
  • Smooth blending with dye based ink (the paper dies too quick), see how my background is splotchy…But who cares, it’s a cat in a party hat, it is still fun!

Just keep in mind that the ink is going to dry much faster on photo paper than glossy cardstock. I only played with dye-based ink so you might want to see if pigment ink will dry or lend some fun looks. I have quite a bit of this glossy photo paper (it is HP advanced photo paper in case you are wondering) and I decided that I am going to play with it and try some scene stamping (a skill I have yet to become mediocre at, let alone master) and they are just the right size for a post card! I think postcards are fun because you can brighten your mailman’s day too…but that is tomorrows topic:) Til then happy crafting!

10 Responses

  1. Lol I use photo paper all the time. Staples always has this deal where it’s only $.01 each after rebate!!! So whenever they do it I go grab me 2 boxes- it’s 8.5 x11. But I know how to trim it down!!! Sometimes have to make adjustments but I don’t care!


  2. Wow great idea…who knew that paper would work for markers and stamping! I bought several packages of the postcard size for my husband, when it was cheap at the Dollar Store. He didn’t like the quality, so it has been sitting on a shelf ever since!


  3. I buy mine from the dollar store too. It works great to print vintage images and digital papers too. Your card is awesome. Is the cat the new stamp or the collage of words? I love that cat!


    • both word collages are by Sugarloaf, they are no longer in business but I know at least one of them came from the big intro set of see-dee stamps they have at AC moore, the “Wish” is from Fiskars and the “big” letters are from studio G. the cat stamp is new from the stamp show by Lost Coast Designs.


  4. That cat stamp is fab! I have the same question as Diane.


  5. FYI – if you are into digital crafting, you can print out your design on photo paper and very quickly hit it with embossing powder. Just be slow and careful with the heat gun (trust me – the coating on the paper can bubble up)


  6. Great tip Lindsay…I have tried photo paper before with poor results…now I know I was using the wrong type of ink!!! Thanks for clarifying for me.
    Paper Hugs,


  7. This is a perky card :-). Anyone receiving this as a birthday card won’t be able to suppress a smile or giggle 🙂



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