Grab your watercolor markers!

Hi there! I had some fun yesterday playing with some of the goodies I bought at the stamp convention over the weekend. I learned a new watercolor marker technique, have a look:


Wanna, see how I did it? Here is a short (really! under 5 minutes, can you believe it?!?) video to show you how:

The only thing to remember is that you need a stamp that is mostly solid. I used a paper cut bird stamp from About Art Accents. Any silhouette type stamp will work. First I colored the stamp with water based brush markers and then tapped and scribbled darker shades on top nad lastly (this is the part that blew my mind) was that you randomly tap all over the rubber with black! I hardly ever pick up a black marker but I love the look! Also I never tried it on glossy paper, it is pretty on both but see how much brighter it is on glossy:


The type of card I made is called a twisted easel. It can be folded flat to mail like this:


The inside of the card looks like this. It is a regular card (you can make them ANY size, this is 5″x7″) but you score and fold the front panel from corner to corner. You can see this better in the above video. It was a challenge at OSA this week and it was the first time I tried that too!


Here is a side view, it is hard to get a decent pic of a card like this tho 🙂


While I was in Springfield the girlfriends and I went to Micheals (we don’t have one around here!) and I grabbed a $6 bag of floral small clear disks-yes I used a coupon LOL! I stuck them to my card and colored them with a permanent marker and viola-instant sparkles!


One last thing, the background. I saw an awesome demo from Impression Obsession and they were layering background stamps, that is what I did, I used no pattern paper! How cool is that! I’ll share how to do that later this week as well:)


Now I have the boring task of groceries BUT I think I can squeeze in some more stamping before the kids get home! Til next time happy crafting!

17 thoughts on “Grab your watercolor markers!

  1. This technique is also demonstrated many times by Local King Rubber Stamps. She is a whizz at the coloring. Glossy is really good for this technique. I have another paper I really like. It is made by Wausau and is called Exact Matte Coated. Acts like glossy but it is matte instead. It is my go to paper for photo stamps too. Love your project!


    1. Thanks, I saw it at the Local King booth, I mentioned that in the video. I am posting a card tomorrow using the hen set I bought from Local King, what a difference the glossy stock makes!


  2. Hi! I’m anxious to watch the marker video but it isn’t working for me. Am I the only one or is here something wrong with it? Thanks, Liz


    1. It seems to be running fine for others, maybe reboot your computer or try a differnt web browser like explorer or firefox. You might have tried to watch it at a busy time, I hope you try again later:)


  3. Gorgeous – I saw this technique at a stamp show and completely forgot about it – thanks for the reminder. BTW – what weight kromekoteglossy do you recommend? I found both 80 and 1000


    1. hmmm, I think I probably have 80#, maybe use the heaver stuff for a single layer card? None of my markers bleed through my paper and I bet it is only the 80# and that is what the local print shop uses for it’s greeting card stock. I don’t think it matters too much but the lighter is probably cheaper:) Do you really have 1000 lb paper or did you mean 100lb?


  4. I was at the same show and did see this demo at the very end of the day, this really dose look great! My friend who watched the demo thought you need to use there stamps for some reason. Do you know anything about that? Love looking at your blog.


    1. Any solid stamp will work. I bought one of their sets (the chicken one) and it workds well on that of course but the stamp I used in this video was by About Art Accents. As long as the design has alot of rubber to color (as in not an outline) it will work great!


  5. Love this technique Lindsay!! But can’t figure out the easel fold-maybe you’ve demo’d it back somewhere-will have to ck!


    1. It is easy, just fold the front of the card from corner to corner and attach a 5″x7″ panel to the triangle. I’ll show you if you come to knitting group this afternoon at 3pm:)


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