Buy new or make do? {I think you know the answer!}

I have been drooling over the new Tim Holtz Distress markers since I saw a video of him demonstrating them at CHA. I really WANT them but I don’t NEED them with all of the supplies in my craft room. So I was brainstorming a way to try some of the techniques that he does with the markers with something else. I have other brands of water-based markers and while they are great for coloring the rubber and stamping with they don’t blend like watercolors (or the new TH markers) but then I remembered my well loved watercolor crayons! I love the result! BTW if you do not have watercolor crayons you can use watercolor paint and a brush to do the same thing!

If you want to learn how I made this card and stamped with the watercolor crayons check out this video. You might want to click on the fullscreen button to see more detail. Please note, I moved my water bucket out of the way but I still dipped my crayon on the water each time I colored with it. I just didn’t think it was fun looking at my nasty water bucket for the entire video 🙂

I used the sketch at Oriental stamp Art to make my card. BTW, if you want to join a wonderfully supportive stamping group and you happen to like Asian art you should check out the Oriental Stamp Art Yahoo Group. I love the window, it is a fun touch, I love how it reveals a surprise on the inside. I stamped and blended with my watercolor crayons and then stitched a layer of vellum over the inside panel, filled it with glitter and stitched the rest up. I used double stick tape to adhere the panel to the inside of my card so the stitches wouldn’t show.

I hope you enjoyed the video and you will see what you can do with the supplies you already have:)

BUT, if you are itching to spend some money you can check out the 50% off sale I have in my shop now through Saturday (nice segue huh?) Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

10 thoughts on “Buy new or make do? {I think you know the answer!}

  1. This past Winter’s CHA the only two products I wanted were the Martha Stewart clay molds and the TH distress markers. Of course when I saw both these items I wonder how I could make my own version. Great mind think alike, lol.

    I figured out how to make Tim’s distress inks. I couldn’t figure out how to make the marker’s. Then I came up with the idea of using my own marker nibs and dipping them in my “Faux” distress inks. They work really well.

    Tim is using all the watercolor additives to make Distress Inks. He uses a bit of gum arabic, ox gall, blending medium, with dye reinkers and watercolors. I think there might be some goauche mix in some of his inks.

    I love watercolor crayons! One of my addictions. They last forever and one of the most frugal and beautiful art supplies you can have in your arsenal. I love what you did with them. I love the idea you came up with to use them like Tim’s marker’s.

    I am going to watch the video after I finish my daily computer reading.


    1. awesome, I have many dry markers that need reinking, I’ll try using ink and w/c mediums, I have nothing to lose!


  2. Greetings from Prince Edward Island! Beautiful card! I love your videos… and so do my kids! They come running when they hear the music start (they are 5 & 7). Keep up the good work!


  3. I love coming here. You are so inspirational. I did get the markers, but I have 100+ watercolor crayons sitting around and now I am going to give them awhirl. I love how you decorated the inside panel of your card with the window looking in. So pretty. Have a great holiday.


  4. OK question….watercolor crayons???? what’s the brand? Do I have to say I love the look LOL


    1. I used Caran D’ache Neocolor II crayons. Just make sure what you get is water-soluble. The Caran Dache are artist quality and I also paint with them. They are marvelous on colored paper! I’m sure the stampin up watercolor wonder crayons would work well too.


      1. Ok I saw them at Pat Catan’s….price kinda took me back but LOVED the colors!! And I watched some video’s on they are now added to top of my very long wish list LOL


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