More Stain Dauber Fun & WOYWW!

Have you made any stain daubers yet? Here are two more techniques you can use them for:

Inking up a rubber stamp. Both the background paper and focal butterfly were stamped by using the dauber to color the rubber before stamping-I used 3 colors on the stamp lightest to darkest. You can spritz between colors to get a lighter image:


And you can use the daubers to color clay embellishments. The big butterfly was made with my homemade clay and a Martha Stewart mold, I let it dry and “painted” it with my daubers. I love the look! The small butterfly was made with Martha’s clay, I tinted it before molding it, I don’t care for that look as much.


Ans since it is WOYWW {Wednesday} here is a look at my workdesk:


But here is a secret, I cleaned it up and organized it after that! My work-desk is clean….no, really it is! Oh and that reminds me {shameless plug} my new article on cheap and crafty storage is out in the July issue of Scrap & Stamp Arts so snag your copy now!

SSA July 2012


Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

3 thoughts on “More Stain Dauber Fun & WOYWW!

  1. Very cool card! Love all those butterflies and love those daubers too! Congrats on the column in Scrap N Stamp art, you are amazing!


  2. Ah Lindsay, I know you have so many subs now you don’t know one from another, but I didn’t know bout the article. I’m real happy for ya. Little late for Congrats but I am proud of how far you’ve come. I know soon the day will come you will leave the basement and your blog and us for bigger things with more zeros at the end. That’s why ya hadn’t heard from me. You had that TV spot and you said those word about needing to basically be backed or be an asset/ Whatever you said. You do double time videos. You’re at nearly 100,000 subs. To where It’s unclear to me, but being an empty nester and never being told each time. I feel you’re about to fledge. My Mantra has always been “FLY ME FREE” I say to you , Lady of Grace and Beauty that You have Indeed Become As of Late, When the time comes for that protective shield at long last be carefully untied and removed, revealing all the wonders there for you to take in. And you do. All at once the loud crashing metal sound , no mistake the unlocking clip and you’re free. Free to Fly Lady of Grace and Beauty. Fly On. Take Possession of what you worked so hard for. Your Karma has arrived. Your schakra. Blue skies is all you should see through the third eye. The eye of your Schakra. No, Hell no, I’m not crazy. We learned that stuff when my mama was terminally ill. But I feel that Lindsay. Night XX’S, Lynda


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