A Colorful Card {for your Monday!}

I was playing around with my homemade stain some more and made this card:


The tips on my homemade daubers are a little less than a half inch wide so coloring in the blocks on the embossed design was a snap! I also dyed the seam binding with the homemade stain!

Have a great Monday and til next time happy crafting!


8 Responses

  1. I just never thought to use watercolors for anything but painting — and I don’t paint! Lol!! Well, sort of, but not really. Thanks for all these great tips, Linsay!


  2. Love this card Lindsay! I think even I could handle this kind of painting!! When you use brads like in the corners of the mat they must show on the inside-what do u cover them with? I love brads but hate when they show the backs! lorraine
    Oh and really loved the lilac painting! You ever consider giving hands on classes on any of this? You’re so patient-I saw that w the knitting!have a great day!-vaca almost here!


  3. thanks Lorraine! I used to teach painting…I’ll think about getting a class going:) I let the brads show, it does not bother me but since it is a black card and you need to line it so you can write in it you can just cover the inside of the card with light patterened scrapbook paper.


  4. I can’t imagine when you get your “chores” done! You are the most creative stamper I know and are a continual inspiration to me! I LOVE your projects and discoveries! Thank you for sharing! Hugs, Andree


    • ha ha Andree! Love that comment. I’ll tell you my secret, I set my kitchen timer for 20 minutes and I clean like a mad woman, it is amazing what you can get done if you know there is an end in sight and the reward is more time to craft! (I also do a “mad-dash” of cleaning before hubby come home from work too LOL!)


  5. Beautiful card!


  6. Where do you get your seam binding? I haven’t found it locally and I’m wondering if I’m going to have to order it online…


    • I order mine from http://www.sewtrue.com if you sign up fpor their email you can get free shipping and sale codes and they ship really quick. I got mine 2 days after I ordered it! They are a family fun business that has been around for generations. I reccomend the Natural or White seam binding. The natural cricnkles better, I think it is because it is untreated. I used white for the example tho. I’d get a rool of each if you can swing it. You get 100 yards for $10.


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