Easy Teacher Cards & Creatopia Tips!

Hi there! I have had many people ask me how I like my new Creatopia machine. Being that I won it (free) I am quite pleased with it, it is a fun new toy. The downside is that since I have been crafting a long time I have other tools in my arsenal that will do the same jobs as the Creatopia. Will I use my Creatopia every day or will I reach for my tried and true tools? I decided to create a card from start to finish with this new machine and video tape it so you can see how easy (or not) the machine is. Here are the cards I made:

The machine is versatile, I made these cards entirely with the machine, from cutting the cardstock and embossing to gluing it all together. Is it simpler that my normal methods? You be the judge.

Well, I don’t know if this machine fit’s my style of creating, it takes getting used to, I imagine I will always cut my paper with my 15-year-old Xacto paper trimmer and reach for my hot glue gun and double stick tape but I’m sure this machine would be just the ticket for a crafter just starting out or downsizing their tool chest. One thing I did not like was the wastefulness of the Stickz and Proctectz cartridges. They are expensive and you have to throw away a big huge chunk of plastic when you change the roll. I’d rather just replace the adhesive or laminating rolls. I did not get a laminating roll so I think when I run out of adhesive I am going to try to retrofit the old cartridge to hold clear contact paper for laminating. I’ll let you know how that goes:) Also I wish that the die-cutter was wider, the machine is 12″ wide so why is the die cutter only 6.5″ wide? I would still need another die cutter if I wanted to cut the large Spelbinders (not that I have any but still.) You can see a list of Creatopia tools and prices on the Xyron website and decide for yourself.

Bottom line, it is a good product but I’m not sure if it is for me. I’m grateful to have won it but I would not have bought it unless there were more embossing options at lower prices and less wasteful and cheaper consumables.  Just because it is not the perfect fit for me does not mean it won’t be right for you. I just want to pass along my findings because I have gotten so many emails about my new toy. If you have any questions just leave a comment and I will try to answer them:) Til next time happy crafting!


12 Responses

  1. Have to say that machine…while it does almost everything…it looks like a LOT of WORK, and appears an expensive option! Think I’ll stay with my Big Shot, ATG gun,etc. Soooooo surprised you had never used a Spellbinders die! Check out ‘Cheery Lynn Designs’ dies….they are so detailed – love their butterflies! Thanks for sharing your experience and projects!
    Paper Hugs,


  2. thanks Jan, I have a wish list of cheery lynn dies, the buttons and doilies, oh my!


  3. I am really glad you won that and did this video. I agree I love my memory makers cutter (think thats what its called LOL), big shot, my small xyron adhesive my atg, and my other gadgets. that does look like a lot of work….LOL after that part …my big shot won that section…

    Have fun….not sure how supportive I would be if someone asked my opinion……smile
    I do the KISS method…..
    PS How can I email you privately?


  4. I love the new video. I have the Xyron sticker makers but I agree with you I don’t think it’s my style of creating. I love my trusty Xacto knife, double sided tape, silicon glue & Cuttlebug. I bought the Xyron’s when I was a newbie.

    I thought the Creatopia looks like a hassle, lol. Least for me it would be because I would forget all this locking, sliding and switching out. 🙂 I did love the embossing on the Spellbinder dies. I love Spellbinder’s. I only try to buy the dies I can use with felt, fabric and other materials beside paper.

    I also agree the cartridges are really wasteful and a big landfill hog. I am a green girl. Plus, the cartridge waste. I am always trying to cut as close as possible so not to waste the adhesive. I do your tricks too, so I am cheapskate too, lol. I have used the Xyron refills without the machine. I love your idea of contact paper.

    I love your button necklace!


    • Thanks DeeAnn! I borrowed the spellbinders from a girlfriend, gosh they are pretty! but I too only invest in the thick dies unless I get a crazy deal at Big Lots or Mardens and they are $2 LOL! I have a cricut & SCAL software that cuts anything from paper and card anyway. That said I’d love to buy a pretty doily die, my cricut stinks at really intricate stuff!


  5. Thanks for doing the video, Lindsay. Now I’m glad that I just got the sticker maker. I already have tools that do the other things that the Creatopia does. It looks quite awkward to use and the machine and all of its parts would require lots of storage space. Every too is just not for everyone, and as you say, someone who is just starting out might do very well with the Creatopia in place of several other tools.


  6. Thanks for the review Lindsay. I love your idea for adding die cuts under the card base. Cute cards too!


  7. Thanks a lot for showing how it works, but it is something which I think I can do without. It looks like you need a lot of strength in your fingers to put in and take out all those different parts. I admire your patience!


  8. Thanks Lindsay, good video. I love your cards. I have a creatopia and I love mine. With practice changing the components takes no time at all. Also a tip for the cutz is placing the white guide wheel next to the handle to keep the paper from moving around. I make altered arts so I love having the extra width of running items thru the adhesive, I run a 1/2″ wooden frame thru and then apply my buttons, paper, ribbon, etc. on the sticky frame.. Thanks for sharing.


  9. interesting..and I don’t think its for me either….I don’t like the 6.5 cutting size for the big 12″ adhesive size…I have the 9″ adhesive size and that is also big for what I need..but like you said it was free and you were able to put a card together using the machine…have fun..and make sure you make a video when you figure out how to get contact adhesive paper on the roll….it just might work on the 9″…LOL I know you will !!!!!!


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