DIY Pull-Strip for Cards & WOYWW!

I have been having the brainstorms this week! I loved the look of the cards the Papertrey Ink design team had made that had a pull away strip (think of the pull strips on cardboard ice-cream boxes you use to open them) and I really wanted to try that technique. The PTI girls used a die which I don’t have. I am picky about dies and almost only buy ones that are thick and can cut a variety of materials such as foam, burlap, mat board, metal etc, so I was not really interested in buying a die for such a novel purpose. The good news is that you can replicate this look many ways. Here is my attempt at it:

I am quite pleased with the results. In case you are wondering the seed packet and flower stamps are from Papertrey and the pointing finger is from one of those old Making Memories magnet mount stamp sets and the letters to spell “pull” are from a $1 wood peg mout Studio G set. Here is a close up of the pull tab:

There are so many ways to make the pull strip.

  • You can use a perferator wheel on your paper-cutter to cut two parallel lines and connect them on the pull end.
  • You can use a cutterbee perforating bug (this is the method I wanted to use but I could not find my perforating wheel!) and proceed as above.
  • You can use a Basic Grey Notch and Die tool to make 2 series of strait notch lines and connect then at the pull end with the tab notch.
  • You can use an x-acto knife and a metal edge ruler to cut two lines of slits and connect them at the pull end.
  • You can make a template in SCAL2 (or snag my free one here) so your electronic die cutter can cut it for you. For an explanation on how to make your own custom templates in scal2 please check out my screen shots:

The file I designed will cut 4 cardfronts for a 8.5″x11″ paper, if you are using a smaller cutter like a Cricut Personal just delete the bottom two designs and use a half sheet of paper. I am using SCAL2 and a Cricut Expression and the oval end perforations did not cut all the way through but I think it has more to do with my finicky Cricut than the cutting file 🙂

***FYI SCAL3 does NOT work with Cricut Machines****

Now Let’s put it together! You want to decorate the cardfront with the strip first. Then you need to stamp your sentiment on the card base. For placement I centered my cardfront on the card base and made little pencil marks on the edge at the top and bottom of the strip. Then I stamped my sentiments.  Put a strip of adhesive on both sides of the pull-strip, this will keep the card from tearing when the strip is removed.

Since it is What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday I snapped a pic of mine:

I hope you try this technique it is so much fun! Thanks for stropping by and til next time happy crafting!

Feels like Summer!

The sun was out and it was 72 degrees yesterday! I had all the windows open in the house and my watercolors out. This is what I made:


Would like to paint this too? It was very easy and it uses a few fun (they look hard but are easy as pie) techniques. You can get all of the instructions with step by step photos and pattern in the Learn to Paint with Lindsay Kit: Watermelon! 

 Learn to Paint: Watermelon!

If you ever wanted to try painting but thought it would be frustrating or time consuming to learn please try my kits. I have 15 year experience teaching watercolor and I break it down into simple steps that anyone can do. Each kit teaches new techniques while reviewing others. You build confidence with each lesson you complete. The first kit in the series Learn to Paint with Lindsay: Birch Trees is on sale for $1 so you can try with little risk to see if it is for you. I hope you will learn to paint with me! Here are the other kits in this series (so far!)

 Learn To Paint: Pussy WillowsLearn To Paint: Birch Trees

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

I’m a Crafty MacGyver!

OK crafters, today I am going to show you how you can make a fabulous stamping tool with duct tape, plexiglass, a plastic lid and a Popsicle stick! You can use it to make fabulous backgrounds like this:


Check out the video!

Then I realized a better way to use it so I could stamp a background so much faster, by putting many stamps on the block. The stamps need to be the same thickness so stick to all clear, or all cling otherwise the thinner stamps won’t hit the paper.  I really recommend using a larger piece of plexiglass to make it. You can even go to a glass shop and ask if you can buy their scraps of plexi, they will likely just give them to you and the sizes would be perfect!

Here is the Lego page from the video.

I scrapped this at a crop the other day (talk about MacGyver crafting) I think I forgot just about anything I might need at home (letter stamps and stickers) so to make my title I cut 1/2″ strips of cardstock and fashioned them into crude block style letters. Then I used my eyelet setter punch to make small circles and glued them to my letters (seriously, I even had to borrow glue-thanks Lorraine!-I was such a mooch!) but hey, I liked the page and so did the kids and that is the whole point, get the photos in the album so the kids can look at them. My pages don’t have to be awesome (people put way too much pressure on themselves when they scrap) the fact that we are printing out our photos and preserving them is awesome, anything else is great but not necessary. YOU are awesome for just putting the pics in a book!

And this was my first attempt at using my kaleidoscope stamp machine gear thing:


Thanks so much for having a peek, I hope you try this fun technique, it will give you so many new looks for the stamps you already own! Til next time happy crafting!

DIY Art Journal & Best Art Gifts for Kids

A couple of weeks ago my girls attended a birthday party for one of their friends who loved art. I had a big bag of art supplies wrapped up and ready to go as a gift when I realized that I did not have a watercolor pad in there or anything she could use her new supplies on! So my daughter Lila and I made this art journal for her:


It was very simple to do. First I cut several sheets of 9″x12″ watercolor paper in half (9″x6″) then I found some chipboard that came on the back of a paper stack and cut it to 2-9″x6″ pieces. Lila chose paper to adhere to the covers. I punched the paper and covers with my bookbinding machine and inserted comb binding. You can do this with a bookbinding machine (tutorial here) or a heavy duty paper punch like a Crop-a-Dial (tutorial here). You can also use binder rings,2 would be plenty for a 6″ span. I used only watercolor paper because it went with the gift I was giving but you could use drawing paper, charcoal paper, bristol board, cardstock or even typing paper, mix it up!

So you might be wondering what I put in the gift bag for art supplies…OK here is my top 10 list of art products for kids (most aren’t even that messy!) And no, I did not fit all of these in a bag, it was an assortment of Blendy pens/paints and paintastics for an 8 year old.

  1. Blendy Pens, man these are cool! They are like Copics for kids. You can touch the tips of the pens together then color with one of the markers and you get a cool gradient of color. It’s awesome! And they come with papers with resist designs on them so you color and a pattern appears under the color. I have bought my own children many sets of blendy pens and they are a hit every time. It even comes with a bulb atomizer (airbrush) so you can spray apply the marker. I recommend getting them at ACmoore with a coupon.
  2. I love the Color Loco Brand so much I have to add Blendy Paints and Blendy pencils, Dotsa and Spraza to the list. Just plain fun and lots of juicy colors. You might want a set for your grown up art box too!
  3. Elmers Paintasticks. These are a paintbrush filled with liquid watercolor. They come in a variety of kits but if you can get a big pack of the colors I highly recommend it. I like this product for stampers too because after the paint is gone you can refill it with paint or ink OR with water for a waterbrush. They are low mess but still real watercolor paint. Again, this is a product I have purchased my my kids (and refilled!)
  4. Again from Elmers I like the Squeeze and Brush paints for preschoolers. My kids loved these from ages 2-5. And you can clean out the brush and refill it with tempera paint when it is used up. There is no waste. It can be messy but hey, with a toddler everything is messy.
  5. A rugged Easel. I bought my son a wooden easel with canvas bins at the bottom when he was 4. It had a roll of paper you could pull out and draw on. He loved it! It had a chalk board on one side and dry erase on the other. My kids still use the dry erase board every day, they write on it, draw, play games, it is so funny! A great investment. I paid about $30 for it at ACmoore because I used a coupon. I see these quite often at resale and thrift shops too.
  6. Play-doh. My kids are 7 & 9 and they still love it. They even like to make it.
  7. Sculpey 3 polymer clay. I like sculpey 3 because it is soft and easy for kids to mold. You can use any of those old play doh molds and cookie cutters on it too. I say ages 5 and up with supervision and the adult does the baking.
  8. Any of the Made by Me craft kits available at Wal-Mart. Typically I avoid Wal-Mart at all costs but for those times when you need groceries, baseball cleats and a birthday gift and you only have 45 minutes to shop it is a godsend. The made by me kids have all you need to complete the craft and they are well done. I really like the bead loom (ages 9 and up…I say 9 and up cuz I like to play with it too!) or the pony bead key chains (6 and up) as my favorite.
  9. A stash of basic supplies. Want to see joy on a kids face? Fill a bag with glitter, pom-poms, pipe cleaners, google eyes, fun foam stickers, colored paper, buttons, yarn, rhinestone, and glitter (did I say glitter twice…good!) Oh and the brighter the better!
  10. This might be a little beyond the basic birthday gift but I bought my daughter Lila this easel last year for her birthday: 417717It is oak, very well made and had drawers inside it to hold all of her paints and bushes and it comes with a full set of watercolors, oils, acrylics and oil pastels. I retails for $150 but Artist Supply warehouse usually has it on sale for around $50 and that is what I paid for it. It folds up easily because it sits on a table and hose no legs to deal with like the typical French easels. It is a great pic for a serious child art prodigy… 🙂 (No, I am not THAT mom) It is really a  great kit, just make sure the kids knows not to eat paint, this is really not a childs kit but I think any “artsy” kid would love it.

Well, there you have it, my pics for the best crafty gifts for kids. I’m sure any budding artist on your list would love any of them. Have a great Sunday and til next time happy crafting!


Watercolor Basics {video}

First off I have to say “Thank You!” To all of the folks who purchase my first ever painting kit! I am so honored that you will allow me to teach you. I have been busy today designing another beginner painting packet that I hope you will enjoy: Learn To Paint Pussy Willows, isn’t it so springy? Well, it’s what spring looks like here in Maine, brown, gray and white:

I decided to make a video explaining the basic watercolor supplies and a few basic techniques. I’m sorry it is so long, when I looked at the clock during filming I nearly fell over, it is almost a half an hour…as my husband would say, watching it take a commitment LOL! So you might want to grab a beverage and get comfy 😛

Here is the basic supply list I mentioned in the video, you can print it out and take it to the store with you.


I still have the Introductory special on the Learn to Paint Birch Trees project going on ($1) so if you are curious about this series of lessons you can try for a buck, not much of a risk if you ask me 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Happy Library Appreciation Week & WOYWW

Happy Wednesday folks! Last night I went to my local library to host the kids craft class I teach every month (more on that in a bit) and since it was Library Appreciation week I had to bring something special for our librarian. I cut the library pocket from the Teacher’s Helper SVG kit to hold the bookmarks on the card front.


I made the cameo stamps with my TC stampmaker using the Cameo and DB Cameo frame fonts from Lettering Delights.

It is a card with 5 bookmarks. I embossed the bookmarks with a letterpress plate. ENABELER ALERT!!! ACmoore is clearancing all of their letterpress products so if you want anything go check it out. They have the sets of design plates for $6.50 (regular price $24), paper and ink for $1.85 (reg. $7) and the letterpress bed with plates for $20 (reg. $80) and get this, the big bundle with the Epic 6 die cut machine, a set of 14 circle dies, a set of plates, paper and a black ink and roller and the letterpress bed that was $150 is on clearance for $37!!! OK, usually I hate to enable but if you do not have a manuel die-cut machine it is a real steal. If you have a die cut machine like a Big Shot you can use my tutorial to make letterpress bed for less than $10 and it works just as well but if just doesn’t look as cool 😀 So, if you are wondering how I know it works just as well…er…ok! I bought the darn machine because I couldnt resist the $37 price tag, I feel very ashamed of myself if it makes you feel any better…so much for being the frugal crafter, huh? At least I can say my homemade version works just as well and the Epic 6 is a good machine too so either way, if you make it or grab the bundle on clearance you can’t go wrong…so, how about another look at the bookmarks?


OK back to the library craft class, I tend to get a wide variety of ages coming to the class, the little kids and the girls all tend to be happy with the craft we make but often I have some older boys (my son included) who are too cool to make the aforementioned craft. So, I designed a bunch of comic book page templates that they could fill in with their art and stories, I set a bunch of the pages out on a table with a bucket of colored pencils and called it the Animation Station and it was a hit! Unfortunately I did not get a photo of any of the crafty happenings at the library but you get the idea. The Comic Book Template kit with 19 pdf templates is $3, but the cool thing is you can turn any of the templates upside down for a new layout. The format is PDF so you just open and click print, it doesn’t get any easier than that!


By now you probably have noticed that whatever is on my desk for What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday is something that will be featured later in the week. Today is no exception. I filmed a watercolor painting basics video today that will be on my blog tomorrow. Here is what my desk looked like before I stared filming, you can even see the legs of my camera’s tripod 🙂


I hope you are having an exciting or at least productive week, I sure am! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Learn to Paint for $1!

Howdy folks! I am so excited to share some news today! I am now offering painting packets at Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff. I love to paint and I am happy to share what I know with you. My first offering is a lovely birch tree painting that anyone can paint in an afternoon:

You get a multi-page PDF file with 20 step by step photos and simple, clear instructions. You can print it out or follow along on your computer screen. In addition you get  a hi-res jpg of the finished piece so you can print it out and study it while you paint. Normally my painting kits will run between $3-$5 but since I want everyone to try this I am running an introductory special so you can snag it for $1.

If you do give it a try I’d love to know what you think! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


Ahhh, rainy mondays, love ‘um!

I love a rainy monday, it’s kinda like an excuse to putter around the house, listen to an audio book and craft. It seems like I have more hours on a rainy day than a sunny one. I can put dinner in the crock-pot, clean, and still have time to scrapbook:


My friend Glenna gave me these photos of my kids she took one day last fall when they were playing in her yard with the leaf blower. I love the natural happy expression on my son’s face. It is so hard to get a natural photo of him, he is either making a cheese-face or trying to look cool by not smiling. He obviously did not know he was being photographed! 🙂

I used the stencils from my new Chevron Chic SVG kit to design the page. The background paper on the second page was spritzed with ink through the stencil and the chevron zigzags on the first page were the cut-outs from one of the stencils that I saved and sprayed with ink. I hate to waste anything LOL! I love how easy it is to make a boy-themed page with chevrons, it can be hard to get decorative with a page for a boy without is getting too frou-frou. Here is a look at the new Chevron Chic kit:

Chevron Chic! SVG

Have a great Monday and til next time happy crafting!