Let’s Make May Baskets!

I was out walking with my daughter and dog yesterday and a neighbor pulled up next to us and invited us to come make May baskets with her kids and a few friends. I asked my other kids if they would like to go and they were excited (as was my hubby who was in the middle of a carpentry project-he had more “help” than he needed with the kids home:) so over we went and made these:


There are many ways you can make the baskets. These were made with paper cups but you can use clean milk cartons or juice boxes too. For the basket on the left I cut a bunch of squares from party streamers then wrapped them around the eraser end of a pencil and glued it on. I like to put a bead of glue around the cup and stick the tissue on that. It takes a while to fill up the cup. But I find the wrapping and glueing very relaxing. The art of zen and basket making 🙂 I also fringed a bunch of party streamers to trim the top. Pipe cleaners are attached through holes near the top, nothing fancy.

For the other basket I used a 3″ wide strip of crepe paper that I scalloped cut the top (while folded), ad wrapped it around the cup then added a strip of fringed green at the bottom. You can embellish the baskets with crepe paper flowers too!

Just remember: You can’t go wrong with party streamers and crepe paper, it all works out beautifully!

Now all we have to do is fill them with candy and drop them on our neighbors doorsteps on Tuesday! thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

6 thoughts on “Let’s Make May Baskets!

    1. Click on the link (orange words) and it will take you to a written tutorial on my blog. It’s pretty easy. It was a craft I did with the kids at school:) Pretty tho!


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