Bring on the cuteness!

As I am writing this blog post I am listing to the sweetest cheep-peeping noises coming from our six new baby chicks! More on that later. Baseball season has started and I have two ball players in the house this year! We had a birthday party to go to over the weekend for a ball fan so I made this card using my Baseball Party SVG & Printable kit:

Here is a look at the Baseball Party kit, the printables are full-color so just print, cut and glue! Or use the die cut files to cut from colored cardstock and assemble. They make great embellishments for cards and scrapbook pages too!

Baseball Party SVG & Printables!

…back to the chickens…

I have never has chickens before and I can’t believe how snuggly and cuddly they are. My kids adore them, they will perch on my girls’ arms for the longest time.  Check out how cute they are:

They are Rhode Island Reds in case you were wondering. They are so funny, all of a sudden they will all stop what they are doing and take a nap.

Do you know that a lot of famous people raised chickens? Martha Stewart and Al Gore come to mind.

A bird in the hand…awwwww….

Well, there is your dose of cuteness for a Monday morning! Til next time happy crafting!

7 thoughts on “Bring on the cuteness!

  1. Love the bassdeball motif, we are for the Yankees all the way!
    My friends and I had chicks to take care of when I was a kid! We were so sad when we gave them up at a farm…even sadder when we went back to see them and we couldn’t figure out which they were out of the hundreds at the farm!:)


  2. rhode island reds ! they are going to be huge! but lovely huge eggs too! Got any ideas for an easy “chicken ” craft for 80 girl scouts at the Curran Farmstead this weekend-to go with my chicken display!?-Lorraine 🙂


    1. Hmmm, Lorraine, how about seed bombs? Make up a bunch of paper slurry (soak paper scraps and blend them and strain out the water) and mix with potting soil and seeds roll into a ball and let dry. You can use sunflower seeds because they grow easy and birds eat them and they are inexpensive. Send the girls home with a seed ball they made and tell them to let them dry and then they can plant them or give as a mother’s day gift. Be sure to bring plastic bags for them to take them home in!


  3. We have 10 Rhode Island Reds we raised form babies (if you want to see how big they will get check out my blog). I loved raising them from babies and now to see them run in the yard… so wierd and so fun 🙂 Your kids will love them. We have all our friends kids coming over to see ours and we teach them about where eggs come from.


  4. Awesome card, Lindsay!!! The chicks are darling. The picture of the chick in one of your daughter’s hands is so precious. Our friends raise Araucana chickens. They lay colored eggs.


  5. Where was the card? I was busy looking at cuteness! :D! Your new babies are so precious. Your children are going to love watching the chicks grow up. Did you know a chicken can change it’s sex? One day it will just decide to be a boy when it was a girl. They are such fun birds. My parents rescued birds when I was growing up. We always had a flying baby in our home.


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