2 Trash-to-Treasure projects for Earth Day!

Nothing makes me feel quite as virtuous as using something that I would normally just throw away. I have two projects today that use supplies that nay normal person would have thrown away (but I think we all know by now that I’m not normal ūüôā¬† )

The above layout uses several throwaway items, the backing paper was my table protector for when I¬†used spray mists, I¬†love the colors of all the over-spray¬†and couldn’t bear to toss it to I trimmed off my favorite area and used it as the base of this page. The circles were cut from the boxed my letterpress plate came in:


It is much like, if not the same is, grunge board. I inked up my plate with a pigment ink pad (I DO NOT like the letterpress ink at all.) and debossed¬†the design on the cardboard before cutting it out. I have been collecting the letterpress plates for a while when I’ve seen them here and there on clearance¬†and I think I have all most¬†all of the sets made by Lifestyle¬†Crafts. I think¬†it is a shame that they don’t seem to be making them anymore, I’m glad that I can make my¬†own plates now with¬†my Stampmaker…more on that in another post. I did not like the packaging the plates came in, it was bulky and hard to get them in and out so I used an inexpensive binder and clear page protectors to store them so I can quickly access them and see what I have. I love this system, it is the same way I store my stamps. I snagged some of the new Martha Stewart divided page protectors from Staples (with my ink cartridge rewards of course) and they are the best, I like the ones that are split in half because they are very useful in storing¬†stamps and these kits and they have flaps so your stuff does not fall out AND they¬†cost¬†the same and the generic page protectors, go Martha!


OK for my next trick…ha ha, my friend ask me if I had any ideas on how to make a pinata¬†for¬†her son’s Super Mario Bros party. immediately I thought of the mushroom guy:


How fun is that! I just cut the mushroom¬† shape twice from a cardboard box, then I cut 4″ wide strips from the rest of the box. Tip, cut the strips across the corrugations¬†so the strips ill shape and bend easily. then I used plain masking tape to tape the strips to the mushroom shape at a 90 degree angle and then I taped the other mushroom¬†shape on top. You need to leave a¬†section untaped¬†so you can get the candy in. Then wrap it with crape paper glueing as you go (I like hot glue) and I cut paper circles and ovals to decorate it! Easy and it cost nothing because I hade the crepe paper left over from another project.


It kinda makes you look at your trash in a new way huh? Happy Earth Day and til next time Happy Crafting!


4 Responses

  1. Great page and super ideas for going green!:)


  2. I LOVE your background on this layout, it’s SUPER cool!!


  3. Great way to go green girl! Love the card and your rescue!


  4. I am officially over the moon since i found your blog! letterpress plates on sale http://www.stampinup.com/ECWeb/SearchResults.aspx


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