I’m a Crafty MacGyver!

OK crafters, today I am going to show you how you can make a fabulous stamping tool with duct tape, plexiglass, a plastic lid and a Popsicle stick! You can use it to make fabulous backgrounds like this:


Check out the video!

Then I realized a better way to use it so I could stamp a background so much faster, by putting many stamps on the block. The stamps need to be the same thickness so stick to all clear, or all cling otherwise the thinner stamps won’t hit the paper.  I really recommend using a larger piece of plexiglass to make it. You can even go to a glass shop and ask if you can buy their scraps of plexi, they will likely just give them to you and the sizes would be perfect!

Here is the Lego page from the video.

I scrapped this at a crop the other day (talk about MacGyver crafting) I think I forgot just about anything I might need at home (letter stamps and stickers) so to make my title I cut 1/2″ strips of cardstock and fashioned them into crude block style letters. Then I used my eyelet setter punch to make small circles and glued them to my letters (seriously, I even had to borrow glue-thanks Lorraine!-I was such a mooch!) but hey, I liked the page and so did the kids and that is the whole point, get the photos in the album so the kids can look at them. My pages don’t have to be awesome (people put way too much pressure on themselves when they scrap) the fact that we are printing out our photos and preserving them is awesome, anything else is great but not necessary. YOU are awesome for just putting the pics in a book!

And this was my first attempt at using my kaleidoscope stamp machine gear thing:


Thanks so much for having a peek, I hope you try this fun technique, it will give you so many new looks for the stamps you already own! Til next time happy crafting!

21 thoughts on “I’m a Crafty MacGyver!

    1. it is a clear stamp set from Fiskars, I got it at Joann or ACmoore witha coupon. It is a big set that normally costs $15, it had a pretty peacock feather background stamp in it too!


  1. This is great and I can see myself making one in the future. Only change I might suggest is using clear packing tape to hold the popsickle stick in place that way I can see the placement of the stamps easier.

    Great idea…keep them coming. Love what you do!


  2. Totally genius, Lindsay!! Thank you so much for sharing this brilliant idea! Great tool!! Love your peacock page, it’s gorgeous.


  3. LindsayMcGyver, should be your new name; although, I don’t think your hubby would appreciate it, haa haa!! Thanks for sharing your tips with us!


  4. Hi LIndsay,

    I was checking out CHA’s latest and found the Inkado Gear Stamping system. While looking up videos on it and finding it priced at nearly $50, I found your ‘frugal’ option.

    I have to say, it was fun watching your technique and I’m inspired to make some with different sized lids.

    I’m grateful for your videos and your delightful way of teaching.

    I think you should have your own TV show! You would be great on the DIY network! I’d surely tune in to see you…very entertaining…

    Peace & blessings,


    1. thank you so much:) I’d love to host a TV show, what a dream that would be..know any producers? LOL!


  5. I just had to come back to say I saw this on a UK craft channel yesterday and had a funny feeling I had seen a DIY version even while considering how I might make my own. Luckily I only had to consider who would have been likely to do this and of course yours was the first name that popped in to my head. Popped GEARS into the search box and there it was….

    But I also see you bought one. I think I am there too – I always remember the Frugal Gourmet on TV who used to say frugal is about being frugal with your TIME too. I’ll gloss over the whole controversy about him, because that much at least is true 🙂 I’ll watch this again and see what your mention of an “adaptor” is all about, but I love the effect the tool gives so I sense it falling into my basket very soon….even if it is about 3 x as expensive in the UK!!
    I really, really need to book a trip home and get the family to collect Michaels coupons for me the week before…




  6. What a great idea!! I had thought about using plexiglass but the guy at the hardware store wanted $26 for a little piece…yeh right!! so one day I was cleaning up and found an acrylic type picture frame with a stand which is great for holding the stamp. Before adding the stamp, wet it a bit for better cling! Acrylic picture frame is still $1 at the dollar store! I’m a bit late in just finding your site but I will continue to check it out for sure! Stamping around the cover – brilliant and resourceful idea!!! TFS


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