Happy Library Appreciation Week & WOYWW

Happy Wednesday folks! Last night I went to my local library to host the kids craft class I teach every month (more on that in a bit) and since it was Library Appreciation week I had to bring something special for our librarian. I cut the library pocket from the Teacher’s Helper SVG kit to hold the bookmarks on the card front.


I made the cameo stamps with my TC stampmaker using the Cameo and DB Cameo frame fonts from Lettering Delights.

It is a card with 5 bookmarks. I embossed the bookmarks with a letterpress plate. ENABELER ALERT!!! ACmoore is clearancing all of their letterpress products so if you want anything go check it out. They have the sets of design plates for $6.50 (regular price $24), paper and ink for $1.85 (reg. $7) and the letterpress bed with plates for $20 (reg. $80) and get this, the big bundle with the Epic 6 die cut machine, a set of 14 circle dies, a set of plates, paper and a black ink and roller and the letterpress bed that was $150 is on clearance for $37!!! OK, usually I hate to enable but if you do not have a manuel die-cut machine it is a real steal. If you have a die cut machine like a Big Shot you can use my tutorial to make letterpress bed for less than $10 and it works just as well but if just doesn’t look as cool 😀 So, if you are wondering how I know it works just as well…er…ok! I bought the darn machine because I couldnt resist the $37 price tag, I feel very ashamed of myself if it makes you feel any better…so much for being the frugal crafter, huh? At least I can say my homemade version works just as well and the Epic 6 is a good machine too so either way, if you make it or grab the bundle on clearance you can’t go wrong…so, how about another look at the bookmarks?


OK back to the library craft class, I tend to get a wide variety of ages coming to the class, the little kids and the girls all tend to be happy with the craft we make but often I have some older boys (my son included) who are too cool to make the aforementioned craft. So, I designed a bunch of comic book page templates that they could fill in with their art and stories, I set a bunch of the pages out on a table with a bucket of colored pencils and called it the Animation Station and it was a hit! Unfortunately I did not get a photo of any of the crafty happenings at the library but you get the idea. The Comic Book Template kit with 19 pdf templates is $3, but the cool thing is you can turn any of the templates upside down for a new layout. The format is PDF so you just open and click print, it doesn’t get any easier than that!


By now you probably have noticed that whatever is on my desk for What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday is something that will be featured later in the week. Today is no exception. I filmed a watercolor painting basics video today that will be on my blog tomorrow. Here is what my desk looked like before I stared filming, you can even see the legs of my camera’s tripod 🙂


I hope you are having an exciting or at least productive week, I sure am! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

19 thoughts on “Happy Library Appreciation Week & WOYWW

  1. OK I must admit I always considered myself the “Queen” of being frugal!! But wow I am seeing amazing other things as well! And I am loving it!!!!!!!


  2. WOW! Totally cool card for the librarian and I am glad I live far away, no Moore stores, no temptation! Don’t feel guilty though, you need good tools for any job and you are still My Frugal Crafter. Where else would I even find an enabler alert for 150$ item on close out for 37$? You still reign supreme!


  3. No kidding, totally cool card for the librarian! The librarian loves it, and is sharing with the other librarians. Thanks, Lindsay! So glad to see the animation station is taking off, too!


  4. As a kid, I would have been at the animation station too, I wanted to be a cartoonist when I grew up…the kid in me still would be happy that I’m crafting, I hope anyway. I hope I remember to check back tomorrow for your water color video! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina #50


  5. I wish we had an ACMoore nearby! But I don’t think I have even seen one anywhere near here so…but I still hope you enjoy your new toy, I mean tool. 😉 Your desk looks pretty neat for all that paint we can see. Not too shabby at all!
    ~Deeyll #166


  6. Just replying to your comment on my WOYWW post, I did all the ink blending and stamping on a piece of card just slightly bigger than I wanted then trimmed it down at the end :o) x


    1. thanks April, I though you masked a frame around it, i like the trimming idea better cuz I know i’d smudge it!


  7. Nice bookmarks & card for the librarian — and cool cartoon templates. I always thought it would be fun to draw a cartoon (if only I could draw.) I think you’re being frugal buying something for $37 that used to be much more . . . we’re here to make you feel better about your shopping. ha, ha Happy WOYWW (on Monday) from Laura #124


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