Frugal Fun With Easter Egg Dye!

Yesterday morning (as we were waiting for the school bus) my kids asked if we could dye eggs afterschool. “Sure!” I said. I boiled the eggs that morning so I wouldn’t forget and then and idea hit me as I was staring at the $1 store egg coloring kit I bought…hmmm, I thought, I wonder If I could used this to make some perfectly matching scrapbook paper and embellishments for my egg-dying photos? Well, I had to try it. How did I do?


I think it worked marvellously! And I’m gonna tell you what I did! First you need to gather your supplies: An egg dying kit (I bought this one with the 5 baskets for $1 at the Dollar Tree, I am saving the bowls for next year or until the next crafty dye project strikes!), White cardstock, paintbrushes, a ceramic plate (to mix colors on) and a colorless blender colored pencil (I use prismacolor but you can use a white crayon or white colored pencil of another brand if you don’t have a PC one) and a digital image printed on white cardstock (I used the eggs and chick from my Cute Easter digistamp set from Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff)


To prevent the ink from smudging when I painted the digistamp image I traced over the lines with a clear colored pencil (yep, just like we used to use white crayons on our eggs before we dyed them-it’s called a resist.) To mix the dye place one tablet in each bowl and add 1/4 cup of water, it will be stronger than the solution you use to dye the eggs but you can add more water later.


Use a round brush to paint in your design. I made a swatch of colors on the corner of my image to test them…I really like these colors and I’m thinking SPRAY INK! But that will have to wait until after Easter and I grab some more of these on clearance LOL! You can mix the colors on the plate if you want a different color.


Now this will match your photos perfectly!


While we are at it let’s make some paper! Use a wide brush to paint a rainbow stripe on the paper then splatter on some color for good measure.

In case you are wondering I am working on my kitchen table. I cut a large world map to fit my table-top then went to Jo-Ann and bought some clear vinyl to go over it so clean up is a breeze! (And my kids will always know where Zimbabwe is LOL!)


After you are done painting you can prepare the dye for egg-dying by adding a tablespoon of vinegar and 1/4 cup of water to each bucket…now you can let the kids have some fun 😀

After the kids were done dying eggs I laid out large sheets of paper and let them paint with the leftover dye, they had a blast! And best of all no waste!

Happy Easter and til next time happy crafting!

10 Responses

  1. Your kids are so lucky to have such a fun and creative Mom! Love your fabulous idea!


  2. Marvelous layout, Lindsay!!! I have also been thinking that egg dyes would be an inexpensive source for making spray ink. Poor hubby was wondering why I had egg dye on the shopping list when our baby is 25. lol Though I’d still love to dye eggs with her. I miss doing those fun kid things. Maybe if I bribe her with some Easter chocolate she will dye eggs with me. roflol I think I need some grand kids. 🙂


  3. Clear Colored pencil???? Never heard of it….do you mean like the blender pencil???
    Jan Castle


    • Yes Jan I used the Prismacolor coloreless blender:) I’m sure any brand will work and if you do not have that just use a white one:)


  4. I bought the Salon Express Nail KIt and the brads. The nail polish worked on the brads, but not the design.

    I used a glossy nail polish for the design, but it did not take to the brad.
    Maybe, I am using the wrong nail polish.

    What kind of nail polish should I use for the design? Should I sand the template to take the nail polish better?

    Please advise.



    • I think you might be working too slowly, maybe the polish is drying on the applicator before it gets to the brad. As long as tou put nail polish on the brads it should take just as it does to your nails. If you live near a Dollar Tree or Family Dollar you can get the nail art polish that comes in the skinny bottles, I think it might be a bit thicker, try the white, I think it will work. I’m guessing that you are just working a bit too slowly. Let me know if you still have trouble:)


  5. Lindsay,

    I am sorry, but this is completely off subject. I just bought my first set of ProMarkers and before I do something I will be upset about, can you please tell me what kind of paper you use with your markers? I know I should use Memento dye inks, but what kind of paper is getting totally confusing. They ones that have been recommended most online are extremely expensive and like I said, I am just getting started.
    Thanks for your help.


    • No worries, I can answer that! I prefer Neenah Classic crest cardstock #80 in solar white. It is hard to come by in a store but you can order it by the sheet or ream. There is a store on-line called 7 kids college fund that sells it by the 25 pack for about $2.50. Nothing blends better IMHO. I’ve also used the Staples cardstock in Ivory/cream and that workds ok, you just need to stay a hair inside the lines to account for feathering. I went to a local printer when I got my markers and bought a few sheets of what they had, it was inexpensive and a great way to try out brands. You might ask if you can buy their scraps, they might give them to you!


  6. You are just too clever. Just love your site!


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