WOYWW #147 & Hand-Cut Cheverons

Well, folks, I had some friends over to craft last night so I had to tidy up a bit lest they find out what I slovenly pig I am! ūüėÄ So, my desk is actually quite tidy this week:


Not, just my desk, check out my room:


Now, Let’s just pretend it looks like this all the time shall we?


I did manage to get 2 pages done while the ladies were over last night (now that’s a surprise!) I wanted to attempt¬†to hand cut some pattern paper¬†into a chevron¬†stripe and let me tell you, that is for the birds! I glued¬†a bunch of strips down to a sheet of cardstock on the diagonal, then repeated¬†my pattern¬†on another sheet of cardstock going the opposite¬†way and cut it into strips¬†and assembled it. I’m not going into more detail because it wastes paper lining it up and it a total time-suck. I’ve¬†already thought of a better way. I’ll share it later.


And since one page was enough of that technique I just zig-zag cut some of the paper scraps and slapped it on this paper. Good enough.


So, what’s on your work-desk this Wednesday? If you want to have a peek at some other crafty desks head over to Julia’s blog (the gal who started the WOYWW¬†phenomenon) and have a gander, heck, why not snap a pic of your desk and join in the fun? Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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