Loopy Felt Flower Tutorial & Lots of Tips!

Boy oh boy, am I ready for spring!  I am using flowers everywhere and when I saw an advertisement for Basic Grey’s new loopy felt flowers I had to see if I could make them myself. How did I do?

They are fun, easy and only take seconds. All you need is craft store felt sheets, you know, the .25 cent kind and a pair of scissors and a dob of glue. Honestly, they cost about 2 cents each to make so why not give it a try. Watch the short video to see how:

Here are the written instructions: Fold a 1.5″ x9″ strip of felt in half the long way. cut slits every 1/8″ (you can use fringe scissors to speed things up) then roll up the strip and secure with hot glue. You can cut leaves from green felt and add them if you wish. If you want a flower with a round center just use a 1/2″x4″ strip of felt and roll that up into a coil then attach the folded fringed piece and roll as before. Easy peasy!

More tips!!!

I loved the background paper I made the other day, so much that I did not want to cover it up so I stamped a magnolia collage stamp on top. Here are some tips for stamping on pattern paper

1. Color the image with regular wax-based colored pencils (like Prismacolor or Crayola) the colors, especially the light ones, are opaque and will block out the pattern underneath. Color firmly to blend.

2. Frame the image by using a reverse mask. I used Post-It notes to make a frame around my stamped image and sponged (a make-up wedge works great!)on brown ink. When you remove the post it note you have a pretty frame just like magic and you can still see parts of your beautiful paper!

3. This probably goes without saying BUT, use a dark ink on a patterned background so it will show up 😀

One last tip!

Mix and match your frame and sentiment stamps for snazzy new looks! I have had this oval frame from Rubber Stampede for years, I love how well it pairs up with the Stampin Up stamps I just got this month. That oldie is not moldy anymore!

That’s all for today, I am having friends over to craft tonight so I must clean up the crap..er craft room!  Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

9 thoughts on “Loopy Felt Flower Tutorial & Lots of Tips!

  1. This one really knocked it out of the park. Again Thank You for sharing this gift of your creation. ouh, this is just a lovely work of krafty art!
    You have no idea what your gift of artful craft saves us SOOOoooo much $$$$.


  2. Lindsay you are one clever lady. Thanks so much for showing the felt flowers and coffee filter flowers. You make so many things out of so little! Why did I buy all of my supplies?


  3. Sitting here in awe of you, Lindsay! how in the world do you figure these things out? God truly has blessed you with a great gift. Thank you for sharing it so freely. The flowers are gorgeous and I’m surprised that they are so simple to make. I must confess that I nearly skipped this video, because I figured the flowers would be more work than I would want to put into them. I’m so glad I changed my mind. Lovely card too. Your background is so pretty and I like your tips for stamping on it.


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