Easter Dresses & new SVGs!

My mom stopped by for a visit this week and brought my twins the most lovely Easter dresses! She sewed pretty cotton dresses with matching purses, my girls were delighted and can’t wait to wear them (which will not be before Easter because my girls have the tendency to go on woodland hikes and make mud pies regardless of what they are wearing!) Even though I don’t have pictures of them in their dresses yet I couldn’t help make a scrapbook page on which I will later add a photo of the two of them on Easter (BEFORE any mud pies are made LOL!) I use my new Party Dress SVG set from Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff for die cut:


For the title I used the fonts LD This and That and LD Buttercream from Lettering Delights. I discovered a quick tip for welding fonts in SCAL2(like I did on the word “Dresses” with the font LD Buttercream), after typing simply select the arrow tool and drag a binding box around the word, then click weld. I am embarrassed to say how long it took me to figure that you, I’ve clicked the word and clicked “weld” (that’s how you would do it in SCAL1) and it would not weld, dragging the box around the word is key! BTW there is no cursive font better for cutting than LD Buttercream, it is nice and chunky!


I sent this card to my mom as to thank her for the dresses, I love the sweet apron!


Here is a look at the new Party Dress SVG set I used in today’s project.

 Pretty Dress SVG

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

7 thoughts on “Easter Dresses & new SVGs!

  1. Soo cute! So nice to have little girls to sew for, I hope the next grandchild some time in the future will be a girl! My grandson is an absolute doll, but I can think of so many nice things to make for girls!


  2. Just the title reminded me of an Easter where my friedn BEG me to go w/her to services on Easter Morn.(The Step-family who I lived w/didn’t care where I was so long as they didn’t have to give me an easter surprise. So I went to b w/my friend) Well she cried all the night, in the Easter Morn & at sercices. Her Mother made Easter dresses, her’s her youger sister, and her Mother. They were a bright Fuscha w/rabbit head
    faces w/cute wiskers AND LONG BUNNY EARS. The dresses were 6 panel dresses. MY friends Front Panel’s Rabbit faces& Ears were running DOWN-WARD. The problem was that her mom thought it was cute, and because she still needed 2 dye the eggs 4 the easter morn hunt, she WOULDn’t correct the error. Needless to say Becka wore the dress, but since she had to correct a nail-polish error, Yup she “happened to burn the nylon/rayon dress’s FRONT-Panel” so becka’s mom made her wera jeans. well Becka and I looked like twins & it was one of my happiest Easter, cause we also got to sit in back since her mom didn’t want to be seen w/how we were dressed. Oh well it was also a fun walk throught the park, cause we collected most of the egges w/out having to be “all dresses-up”


    1. thanks for sharing that fun Easter memory:) I’m glad you and your friend got to find most of the eggs and be comfy!


  3. So very cute. I also have twin daughters (9 now) and can totally relate about putting off the wearing of pretty, new, feminine clothes till the last minute. They still struggle to stay completely clean!


  4. Both your sb layout and your card are darling, Lindsay. The dress looks like it is fun to make. 🙂 I so appreciate that whenever possible you include printables with your SVGs for those of us who don’t own electronic cutters. xxx


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