Poppin’ Parasol!

Before I begin I have fabulous news to share (drumroll please…) I have been offered my very own column in Scrap & Stamp Arts magazine! Guess what it’s called? The Frugal Crafter!!!  I am beyond excited, my column will debut in the October 2012 issue! OK, I better stop patting myself on the back before I dislocate my shoulder. 🙂 You might have noticed this card from Monday’s video tutorial. I used the sketch from Oriental Stamp Art again to decorate the front:


But the fun happens when you open it up…


It’s a pop-up parasol!


Here are the details: All stamps on this card are by About Art Accents/Art Neko. I colored the geisha with Inktense watercolor pencils.  To make the parasol you need honeycomb paper. You can buy it or make your own using my honeycomb paper tutorial. You stamp the parasol on a scrap of paper, cut it out and fold it in half and trace it on the honeycomb paper. Cut that out and glue to the inside of the card. Be sure to do all of your stamping and coloring first.

Tips for working with honeycomb paper:

  1. Make sure the design you are cutting from the honeycomb is symmetrical and the middle of the design will line up with the fold of the card. I had to stamp my geisha crooked so the parasol would lay flat on the fold. Live and learn 🙂
  2. Large shapes work better, 2″ tall shapes are great but anything over an inch will work.
  3. The tissue is delicate, be gentle while opening it. If you see a spot come unglued just put a wee dab of glue from a glue stick (you can use a toothpick to apply it) on the spot and close the shape to let it dry. Good as new.

Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing my awesome news today, til next time happy crafting!


14 Responses

  1. Yay! Congratulations! You have many new admirers! I am always amazed with the ideas you come up with and the money you save. I am always coming up with my own money saving crafting ideas, yet none seem as exciting as yours!


  2. Wow congratulations!
    Love the parasol idea and how you used the special paper idea! Those Asian stamps are so lovely!


  3. Congratulations Lindsey. Can’t wait to see your column.

    Kim McKinney


  4. Congratulations!! I’m sure that your column will be a success if it is anything like this blog!!


  5. What wonderful news Lindsey, I am so happy for you! Well deserved, you have such awesome ideas and tips. And I love the card. Thanks again for the video on making honeycomb paper.

    Elaine Allen


  6. CONGRATS!!!! well deserved…one more reason why I buy the magazine…….you have valuable tips..your bucket list is really getting longer and complete!!! we stand and cheer you….


  7. I saw your big news on Diane’s blog and had to pop by to congratulate you! Wow – how exciting! Congrats!


  8. And with reason, to be receivng acalaids. You Rock-on you go girl.
    We all know a good thing when we see it!
    You enjoy this time up on the mountain! BUT Mostly remember to keep climbing higher peaks. You rock-on


  9. Congrats! Such a terrific honor. You’ll do a great job.


  10. Congrats on your column I know it will be very helpful.. Would you share your template for the jig to make the tissue paper in svg format.


  11. Wow! Congratulations! You really are leveling-up, huh? I’ll be looking forward to your first article on October. I’m loving this pop-up parasol, too. I really wish I could achieve the honeycomb paper design. LOL.


  12. Congratulations Lindsay!!!! I can’t think of anyone who deserves this more than you do. You have the best ideas and tips on the whole net and you are so generous about sharing them with us. I’m really happy that you are going to have this marvelous opportunity. Hugs!!!

    I love your pop up card. It’s so unique and fun. I can’t wait to try one. Thanks for another terrific idea.


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