WOYWW: A Native American Craft For Kids!

Happy Wednesday! Today I am working on a craft for my daughters’ 2 grade classes, they are studying Native Americans so I volunteered to do a craft with the kids, here is what I came up with:


You can see the stuff I used on my very messy desk. If you want to see other busy crafty desks be sure to check out the What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday challenge at the Stamping Ground blog. I’ve been doing the challenge for the past few weeks and it is great fun!

OK back to the craft. I went a- searchin’ online for ideas and I saw a tutorial for a basket here. The template looked just like my I-Top punch so I tried punching a shape from brown cardstock and making a basket with that but it was so small and I thought the kids might have a hard time so for the larger basket I cut a 3.5″ circle and cut “v” notches around it so I had 9 tabs to weave my twine in. I cut mine about 3/4″ in so there was plenty of room to weave. As for the canoe I pretty much followed the tutorial I found here using brown construction paper. Then I drybrushed some brown watercolor on and did some rubber stamping cuz that just the way I roll. 😀

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


16 Responses

  1. You are just too clever – and frugal! The kids will love it.

    Mary Anne


  2. Pretty baskets and I love that canoe. Have fun with the class.


  3. What a fun project and great for the little ones.!!!

    About my tutorial- YES you can purchase the ferric chloride at an electronics store right over the counter. :0)
    Thanks for stopping by!
    hugs Lynn


  4. Too bad my granddaughter already did that unite in school, these are great ideas to work with! The kids will have great fun!

    By the way, the pictures worked out, the editor liked them and the captions! Thanks so much for suggesting that!


  5. This looks perfect! I’ve seen petroglyphs (sp?) and your stamps are reall great for this!. I bet the kids will have a great time!

    Happy WOYWW


  6. I noticed the canoe right away but overlooked the basket. How I did that I’ll never know as it is so cute! I had to go check out the tutorial because I wasn’t understanding how it was made. Now I get it! Very clever.


  7. Very cool canoe. I want to try this with my little people…they will love it. Thanks for sharing. dix—


  8. I’ve always said that crafters kid have more fun! Looks like a perfect craft for their age group! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina 🙂


  9. Well that’s a fun one! I kind of miss the little kid days . . .



  10. It’s so much fun @ this age to have then want to work with and explore ideas, be-come-ing, learning searching 4 ways to also be
    creative in their own right. It’s so wonderful how at each phases of their lives we get to enjoy the wonder of it all. Kinda gets you right
    theren in the heart, ah geez whezz.


  11. Fabulous project…and not just for the kids! Happy WOYWW x
    Sophie no.88


  12. What a great make, sure the kids will love making that canoe too. Thanks for sharing this WOYWW, It’s Thursday and I’m still snooping through the list! Take care Zo xx 22


  13. The canoe and basket are great. I have looked at your other posts – great tutorial for honeycomb paper, I am really getting to like the stuff and have posted a couple of things with it. You are certainly right, symmetrical is the tip! Thanks for letting me have a snoop. Regards, Anne #66


  14. Loving your blog and your workspace too. I am new to WOYWW this week and just finding my way around. Your basket looks so interesting. Hugs from Scotland. Rita xxx


  15. #141 I’m still making my way ’round last Wednesday’s WOYWW … You did a fabulous job on the Native American basket. I’m impressed! Also, since I’m late, I got to see your post about the Easter dresses for the girls and have to say that I love the layout you have ready for the picture of them in their new finery!


  16. Nice desk! And the honeycomb paper tutorial is great! Now i can have multi colors! Woo! thanks. Becky 162


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