My first “project life” {ish} layout!

I have been hearing about project life EVERYWHERE lately but I never thought it was for me. It’s like capri pants, they look fine on other ladies but they are not my style, I am a cut and dry person, I either want pants or shorts, not a combo of the two. But then I got a new phone with a camera on it (apparently I can go on the internet with it also but if I want to go online I’ll use a computer…and don’t expect me to text you, I don’t know how ha ha!) Anyway, back to my stab at project life, I used my new-fangled camera phone to snap pics of our adventures during February vacation and I scrapped them in 6 mini layouts…

…and I liked it! I started out by cropping sheets of coordinating cardstock into 4″x6″ panels, you get 6 from a 12×12 sheet! These will be handy for cards too! I printed out my photos from the week small (the camera phone’s picture quality is not good enough for enlarging, that is why I chose them for this project) on a sheet of photo paper and cut them out. The mini collage of the two pool pictures was too big so I grabbed a scrapbooking technique circa 1996 and cut the girls out of the photo (yeah baby!) now where did I put my deco-edge scissors? I have to say that the cutout swimmers was the first thing my daughter noticed and she LOVED it…so there 😛

The page protectors I used have 6 4"x6" horozontal slots so I needed to make sure I cut any papers that had specific orientation the right way (I made a mistake on one sheet!) To do this make sure the paper is the right side up and cut it in half on the 6" mark, then turn your paper and cut the 4" inch sides. This is liberating for someone who cannot bear to cut into a 12x12 sheet, I think I might do this will all of my duplicate papers!

Then it was a simple job of adding some simple journaling (I found this tag stack in the dollar bin at JoAnns) and some stamped dates, some embellishments and I was done!

I wouldn’t want to scrap project life style all the time (my day-to-day life is not that interesting) but for vacations and holidays I think it is great fun! If you are looking for divided page protectors you can get them from We Are Memory Keepers (I love their D Ring binders) or you can buy the Project Life brand.

When I was working on this page I wondered if project lifers scrap a little ever day, once a week or what? I think if you waited longer than that you might forget what happened during the week. What do you think? Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

6 thoughts on “My first “project life” {ish} layout!

  1. Your babies are getting so big.

    Lindsay your post made me laugh. I don’t text either. I hate talking on the phone. I rather send smoke signals, lol. I do take pics on my phone. I use the Internet. You can save so much money when your in the store with the Internet apps. I scan bar codes in all the time and find items I need at different stores for cheaper prices. For example I needed a postage scale. Found a nice one at WalMart for $20. Scanned it in and found the same one on Ebay for $6.

    I love Project Life too. I can’t do it on a daily basis. I like it for special things. I actually did a PL project for a healing journal. It really helped. I work with young girls who have been raped and abused. I have them do PL projects.


  2. It looks like you had great fun doing these things. I’ve never made one for me or for anyone but it sure feels good to reminisce the good memories and expressing them through art. Don’t you think this idea is a good form for certain causes?


  3. I’m starting this such a cool idea!
    we have stacks of ‘family photos’ just knowing what and how to it, got myself a big book for scrapbook

    and some pretty paper with patterns so i’m sat in the garden ‘scrapbooking’ family pics is fun and as you say ‘snapshots of life’
    nice idea Lindsay!
    your enthusiasm for arts/crafts is great 🙂
    and I sent you a garden pic on fb the sun hits the palm trees and they go very nice colours!
    my Babysitting went well so now Auntie Grace can relax more, tired i can tell u!
    your dog is lovely we usead to have a big garden when we were kids and kept guinea pigs got up to 21 at one point they are cute pets, yeah 21 😀
    Good job we had the space
    i am a doggie person they are great


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