Can you make a scrapbook page without a photo? YES!

We don’t always have a camera handy to capture a memory and sometimes we come across little mementos that need to be preserved even though there are no pictures to go with them. I was cleaning out my 9-year-old’s backpack he other day when I found this typing assignment.

It was called the ABC’s of ME and the kids got a prompt in computer class and had to type a response. I smiled at some of the responses he gave and was confused by others (favorite childhood memory: Falling and knocking his tooth out?!? He was 1, I don’t think he remembers that except in me telling the story and trust me, he was not happy!…I think he must have thought it was first childhood memory maybe?) Anyway, it was funny to see a snapshot of him at nine.  I could have used his current school picture or any current photo of him but I think the page is complete without it, don’t you?

Take a second look when you are cleaning out your kids schoolwork, you might just find a scrapworthy gem in there and no, it does not have to have a photo to go with it. 😀 Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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